Can you really 'cure' your appearance?

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At what point do we take our everyday concealments and make them permanent? Most of us use makeup to hide wrinkles and improve our complexions.  There are so many cosmetic treatments available today, from having your eyebrows waxed and your nails done, to having Botox and laser hair removal. And then we come to the more extreme solutions - facelifts, breast augmentation- anything you can imagine can be nipped and tucked (and I mean anything!)

My question is, where do you draw the line? I have personally had my teeth veneered (I still had baby teeth and no replacements growing through) and my smile has been twice as wide ever since. I am so glad I had it done. I have a sunspot on my face and some spider veins on my legs I would love to have removed but then why not have something else done? A tummy tuck perhaps?

The term ‘appearance medicine’ implies that flaws in your appearance are an illness that can be fixed.  Surely there’s a world of difference between filling your well-earned lines and wrinkles, to repairing a debilitating injury that requires plastic surgery?  We’ve all cringed at the stretched appearance of women that have gone too far to look like a young Cher - Cher for example… How much is too much?

For me, I’m drawing the line at anything surgical. Having had surgery in the past, I know the recovery can be as emotionally taxing as it is physical, and I would never take a risk that might take me from my family (these things do happen…) I also think it is unlikely that I could undergo Botox or the like, I hate the thought of paralysing my muscles for vanity. But lets just see how the next ten years go- if this frown line between my eyebrows gets any deeper- I may have to re-assess!

Where is the line for you? I would love to hear your thoughts.