ASOS – Don’t order before reading this post!

This was a very interesting experiment! I ordered a variety of clothes from the UK website in a size 16, size 18 and size 20 to see how true to size their brands are.

ASOS has their own plus size brand called ASOS curve, and the rule of thumb seems to be to go up a size to get the correct fit. ASOS also sells other plus-sized brands, some are a smaller fit than others.

I am a pretty standard size 16 (sometimes a big 14 on top) and each item I ordered fit reasonably well regardless of size – as you can see from the photos. The size 16 mini-dress was gorgeous but as tight as a swimsuit! The print hid it well but up close you could see my belly button! Not good; I definitely needed the size up. The spotty t-shirt in a size 18 was too big, but I am not a fan of the boyfriend shape on my figure - it looked much better on my friend Ainsley (pictured). If I had wanted to keep it I would have ordered the size down. 

The orange paisley dress and the checked singlet are both a size 20 and actually fit really well size wise which is crazy, what small sizing! I had some issues with the cut though, I found the straps too short on the singlet, and the waistline on the orange dress needed to be higher up to be flattering for me- and I hate orange, so there’s that…

The verdict: It’s all going back, except the checked singlet that went to live at Ainsley’s house. If purchasing from ASOS (which I would still recommend because they have some amazing clothes!) make sure you check the measurements of each individual brand. You could be a 14 in one brand and a 20 in another.

Until next time
Be you, wear the jewels!