High Society Limited- Style Event with Caitlin Taylor

Last night I had the privilege of spending some time at a style event at the High Society Limited factory shop in Henderson. They design and create Catalyst, Travellers, Obi and Chocolat, amazing New Zealand made brands that run to bigger sizes.

Shopping at HSL is such a pleasure; the staff really know their business and are there to guide you through your shopping experience. Anita Lock (operations manager), is clearly passionate about fashion, but more importantly, she values who her customer is. Anita gains satisfaction from seeing that women of all shapes and sizes look fantastic. She tells me she is ‘in the business of self esteem’- you have to love her!

The factory shop backs on to the workshop floor where the designing, pattern making and cutting is being done while you shop. It has become a rare experience to see fashion manufactured in NZ, it’s quite a privilege to watch beautiful things emerge, from their vision to their creation.

Stylist Caitlin Taylor from ‘Chasing Cait’ was on hand to talk us through some of the new range and best looks, discussing how to find your own style and dress for your body shape.

Caitlin is effervescent and enthusiastic, but also very approachable and realistic in her views of style and fashion. It was clear that the audience felt comfortable talking to her about what they wanted from their wardrobes and their various body types.

Caitlin herself may not be a ‘plus size’ but she has learned how to dress women of different shapes, through her years of working both on the shop floor and behind the scenes in fashion retail. Caitlin also has a psychology degree - if she can’t find out what you want (even if you don’t know yourself) then no one can!

A couple of Caitlin’s top tips:

- You have to be careful when shopping with friends and family because they can project their style on to you (even if they don't mean to).

- There is no age limit on style- "okay denim short shorts, arguably…."

- Colour attracts like colour, blue and green-eyed girls have a super power - wear blue and green! Black by your face can play up the shadows of wrinkles, careful to break up the colour with a scarf or a necklace.

- If it looks weird on the hanger, try it on! It has probably been cut to drape beautifully on the body.

- Wear what you love and you’ll always look amazing (I LOVE this, for me it’s green!)

Caitlin discusses these tips and many more (I can't give them all away!!) in her new e-book, which you can buy by clicking the photo below :)

I love how simple and manageable she makes it to find your own style. Warning- you will probably be desperate for a style session with her before you’re done - I know I am! You can book one through her website or Facebook Page.

You can find the High Society outlet in Auckland at 155 Lincoln Road, Henderson. As an outlet, they stock pieces from past seasons and some pieces from current collections. 

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Photos: Clockwise from top left:

-Store sign.

-Caitlin wearing the Catalyst 'Rose Candy Loop Dress' standing next to the Obi 'Diamond Drape Dress' and bow bomber jacket. 

-Caitlin explains why the Obi 'Tuxedo Shirt' is the perfect garment for someone who is an 'inverted triangle' shape.

-The HSL staff, Leigh Jeffrey and Leanne Broderson (retail staff), Anita Lock (operations manager), Claudette Lacey (Marketing).

-Caitlin Taylor and me.

-The workroom.