The selfies I was never going to show you...and how to fix them!


Do your selfies look like these? I have never been much of a selfie taker, I quickly realised I was terrible at it and called it a day. Also Kim Kardashian put me off to be honest...enough said. But since starting Dressing Up, every now and again it is necessary. So here are my tips to get your selfies looking stunning, because some days your hair looks fab and you want to remember it! 

Tip 1: Find the light. The light should be either directly facing you or directly behind your head, light coming from the side will cast shadows on your face. If you are inside find a window and let the natural light make you glow!

Tip 2: Find your angle. Whenever I take a selfie straight on I end up looking like I have a really long head and no hair! Tilting my chin to the side fixes it every time. 

Tip 3: Take more than one. I use an app called Camera Sharp which takes multiple photos at the intervals I set. This way I get 30 shots in 30 seconds and it is all over quickly! And then...

Tip 4: Pick one that looks good straight off and don't keep second guessing yourself. The more you look at your own face the more confused you will be! 

Tip 5: Edit or filter. You shouldn't have to do much if the lighting is good, for the selfies below I have just slightly turned up the saturation to make the colours pop. I am not a fan of meddling with my image too much - quite happy for you to see my real face so you can recognise me when we meet! 

And finally, don't compare your selfies to those of celebrities, the amount of makeup they are wearing is insane (even if they say they're not...pffft).

I would love to see some of your gorgeous selfies, or your selfie fails! Feel free to show me on my Facebook page!