5 Signs you Need a Wardrobe Edit

- You often say "I have nothing to wear!"

- You have lots of clothes but you have fallen out of love with them.

- You want to buy some new clothes but you're not sure what to buy.

- You somehow ended up with lots of the same in your wardrobe - all black, all stripes, all dresses etc.

- Getting dressed in the morning has become a chore, so you often choose the same outfits - they are becoming your uniform...

How I Can Help

- I will look at your wardrobe through fresh eyes and help you decide what's great, what can be stored and what can be sold/donated. You will be surprised how many wonderful things you already own! 

- Put together some outfits for you with the clothes you already have.

- Help you compile a shopping list so you know what you're looking for next time you go shopping. I can also take you shopping for an extra fee.

- Talk you through the issues in your wardrobe; those pieces that you always get out and put back again, finding clothes that fit, building your personal style. 


The cost for a wardrobe edit is $195 + GST for 1.5 hours. Price includes travel time within 20km of Auckland's CBD, further afield may be extra. Contact me at monique@dressingup.co.nz to book a time that works for you. 

I can't wait to help you feel better about yourself and your wardrobe! 


What experience do you have?

I run a fashion blog, so I'm talking to women every day about how to solve their fashion problems. Years of working in retail has helped me to understand the shapes that work on women's bodies - and that no two bodies are exactly alike! I myself have been several different sizes and through having children have had to embrace and dress a changing body. I've tried many different styles and have realised that my style is the clothes that bring me joy and make me buzz, not what's in the magazines. 

Why is this a service I should pay for?

You can waste thousands of dollars and a lot of time trying to create a wardrobe that works for you - it may be that you already have many of the building blocks you need, and it's just a matter of putting it together in a new way. 

What's the difference between what you do and a stylist?

What I do is much like a stylist, but I am more concerned with WHY your wardrobe is challenging you than just making you look great today. I want to give you the tools to feel great once I'm gone and continue to shop successfully.




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