Meet Monique

Welcome to Dressing Up! I'm Monique Doy, an Auckland based stylist specialising in working with women sizes 14+ to help you create the wardrobe of your dreams and wear your personality! 

I have two young daughters and started Dressing Up when my youngest was 6 months old because I had NO idea what to wear anymore. My body had changed, my lifestyle had changed and not only could I not fit my old clothes, I wasn't even sure what I liked anymore! But I sure knew wearing track pants made me feel down...So I started a buy and sell group for women sizes 14+ and we discussed our bodies, what we were buying and the changes we were going through. Women need COMMUNITY, and I found it in Dressing Up and then found myself again! Now I work as a stylist helping others to do the same and have started my own clothing line, Dressing Room.

If you look in the wardrobe and don't like what you see, if you never have anything to wear and if you hate shopping I can help! My job is to make you fall in love with your wardrobe and put your clothes together in a whole new way. You'll get a dose of body confidence and learn to work with and appreciate your body, (which is giving you so much everyday!) instead of battling against it. I get it, when you are over a size 14 your choices become limited, and you end up with a bunch of clothes you bought just because they fit (yet somehow your wardrobe is full of clothes that don't!) You deserve to look in the wardrobe every day and feel excited by what you see. No digging through clothes with the tags still on, no yelling "I have nothing to wear!" and NO poking your wobbly bits! Start your day on a high and take that confidence into everything you do. I offer wardrobe edits and shopping trips and a huge dose of confidence! Come and hang out with me and let's make sure you start every day getting dressed like something amazing is about to happen, with a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes that feel like YOU.

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Are you wearing your personality? I can't wait to work with you!

xxx Monique