It's Been A Crazy Month

It's been a crazy month.


I already had my hands full as the stay at home Mum of two beautiful girls, Willow (2) and Florence (6 months).  I've always had a passion for fashion, and decided to make the most of my few free moments by starting a new project- how I love a project! The idea was to lend fashion inspiration to women sizes 14+ (statistically half of the female population!) who sometimes find it difficult to find clothes that fit- like me. I wanted to make it easy for women to source clothes in their size and to get excited about fashion instead of dreading shopping, which is supposed to be fun.


The first step in the adventure that has become ‘Dressing Up’ was to open a Facebook Buy and Sell Group, to allow women to easily clear-out and revamp their wardrobes.  I soon realised after I started posting advice on the Group that I had to start a Facebook Page to let people easily share my posts. That led to an Instagram for all my photos, then suddenly I had registered the domain name, and started my own website with the help of my very patient husband who didn't even roll his eyes once! Okay…maybe once. I am yet to master Twitter - my sole tweet looks sad and lonely - and Pinterest is beckoning!


I have learned how to use Photoshop (to varying degrees of success).  I struggled with Wordpress, before switching to Squarespace for my website, which was far more me. I was taught how to use Instagram by a patient teenager (and realized how old I have gotten in the process #arethosemymidthirtieslooming). I have navigated areas of Facebook I didn't know existed. I have met hundreds of beautiful women on my pages, attended and reviewed style events, and in the process discovered my own writing style.


I have shopped far too much, and found hundreds of pieces of clothing I want to buy as a result. I have overhauled my wardrobe and the wardrobes of others and been down memory lane in my accessories drawer.


I have shed my inhibitions about publishing photos of myself. I like the way I look, in photos, and in real life and I know I’ll want to see them when I’m 90 and wrinkled. I shall look back and say, “Wow, I loved that hideous sweater…” I have reconnected with old friends, connected with new ones, and connected with myself- Hey, I remember you, you used to like stuff!


By day I am covered in baby food and nappies and the slobbery kisses of my two year old, and by night I am engrossed in stories, ideas, and the world of beautiful fashion that fits. I have discovered something I am passionate about and found my confidence along with it.


I challenge you to find something you love and just do it. Don’t think about the end goal, just start and start today! Ask your friends for help- hell, ask me, I’ll click LIKE! Get passionate because it feels great.


I am actually exhausted, but I am creating something that is mine, just for me, and I love it.


It’s been a crazy month ☺

I like crazy.

All dressed up and surrounded by happy chaos!

All dressed up and surrounded by happy chaos!