Walk In Wardrobe: Catherine

Recently I had the pleasure of spending some time with a friend of mine, Catherine and having a good nosy through her wardrobe. Catherine works in the arts, is one stylish lady and really owns every look she puts together.

Catherine’s ‘go to’ brands are Obi and Chocolat, both stocked at the High Society outlet in West Auckland (they also stock Catalyst). She also often shops at Zebrano in Newmarket and Magazine in Takapuna. Catherine favours the label ‘Euphoria’ who sell some of their samples and seconds at a shop called Echo in Devonport. It pays to check in when Magazine and Zebrano are on sale as you can pick up some excellent deals (Zebrano post their sale items online also). 

Catherine often buys her jeans from City Chic but doesn’t find their tops a great fit and says she wishes it was easier to find good basics in her size. She lives in $7 K-Mart leggings and finds it frustrating that there is no middle ground for price when it comes to plus sized clothing, it’s either budget from Kmart/Farmers etc or very expensive from designer brands.

Shoes and boots from Mi Piaci often fit her well, like the gorgeous gold pair shown, and she buys her summer sandals from Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, usually with a slight rise in the heel, too flat makes her feel frumpy! 

Catherine’s skull necklace is by Nick Von K and she bought it from the outlet site OnceIt, her other necklace is Stolen Girlfriend’s Club. Catherine loves her Sarah Neale earrings and wears them most days. Her tattoos perfectly compliment her style, “When I was younger I always thought tattoos had to mean something, but now I realise it is okay for them just to be art’. 

You can check out where Catherine shops below: