Do Butterflies Land on Your Armpits?

Imagine if life was really as glamorous as it is on TV commercials. Our babies giggling like angels at bedtime and our bikini lines forever smooth on our perfectly tanned bodies. Our homes always sparkling clean. Dancing in white floaty dresses, when we have our periods. (On a side note, I choked to see Princess Kate in that white dress just after giving birth…is that baby really hers…?) The tampon commercial below says it all...

As I was bustling around the house the other day, there was a Nivea deodorant advertisement on the TV. The ad showed a woman in her twenty somethings lying in the grass asleep, while butterflies fluttered on her baby-soft armpits, apparently because she used Nivea (below). Should I be concerned that butterflies don't frequent my armpits?

Smalmy Nivea Commercial

Smalmy Nivea Commercial

I also roll my eyes when wrinkle cream ads, aimed at women in their 50s, star tight faced models in their early 20s. It is not aspirational, it’s impossible. Says gravity. I would rather be like these greying beauties from the Karen Walker Sunglasses campaign. Now THAT is aspirational. 

These days the ads I do like  feature adorable babies (often with mothers who look like they should be worrying more about their impending puberty than nappy brands- but you can’t have it all!). Generally, as I start to well up at how beautiful motherhood is, someone poops out the side of their nappy or spits up on me to bring me back to reality. Yup, those kids are keeping me grounded! 

I wonder what the women who work at advertising agencies think of some of the ads they produce? Would love to hear about your favourites and the ones that make you feel insecure about your armpit fauna.