Buying Jeans

Buying jeans can be about as much fun as shopping for a swimsuit (more about that later...) so imagine my excitement when I found the most beautifully fitting jeans at the Warehouse! The Amco range of jeans come in a variety of styles including high waisted, boyfriend cut and curvy skinny jeans- (which I chose).

The sizing was a bit challenging, I would recommend trying them on before purchasing. You need to go down at least one size, I am a standard 16 and I bought a 12. Once I had finished sewing the size tag on the front (I kid, but a 12!) I also bought a 14 in the black as the waistband stitching had much less stretch than the blue. And for $29 a pair, buying both colours is not a choice but a necessity.

Jeans are often too long for me even though I am an average height at 5ft 6, but these are perfect. The fabric is quite lightweight so good for summer, but not so thin that they could be confused for a jegging (a denim legging), because leggings are NOT pants people- I cannot say this strongly enough!
These jeans go up to a size 20, so would likely fit up to a 22. I got mine at the Albany store, you can buy yours here:…/Amco-Women%27s-Curvy-Skinny…

'You can't have a photo without me Mummy!' Shirt by H&M, jeans by Amco for The Warehouse, shoes by Minx.

I love these jeans so much I am showing you my bum!