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If you haven’t seen the hit show ‘The Mindy Project’ you are missing out. It is written, produced and starred in by triple-threat Mindy Kaling who plays the fast-talking, self-obsessed and hilarious obstetrician Mindy Lahiri.

Mindy Lahiri is my style icon; her costume designer, Salvador Perez is my hero. Perez likes to dress Mindy in brightly coloured Trina Turk, Kate Spade (my all time favourite), J.Crew and Ferragamo.

Watching the Mindy Project after having my second baby reminded me how much I love fashion and got me inspired to ditch the trackpants and embrace fitted clothes again - and most importantly to wear colour!

Mindy’s wardrobe is full of print and embellishments. She favours high-waisted skirts, bright coats, shirts accentuated with jewelled necklaces and, always, amazing shoes. 

Perez says “Mindy wears very basic pieces, but what makes the pieces interesting is the colour. She doesn’t choose the white or blue top, she goes for one in bright colour. It’s the prints, colors, and textures that make her outfits. It’s still ladylike in the silhouettes, but the color makes her outfits stand out.”

If you watch for the style, you’ll stay for the humour. Mindy says the things the rest of us are thinking, and so quickly that you wonder if you actually heard it. 
“Your secret is safe me, mostly because I don't care, and I’ll probably forget.”
“Oh my God! It's my favorite kind of cake, gigantic.”
“Just make sure the pressure is firm and consistent, like trying to convince your boyfriend to do a couples' costume.”
“If finding a husband was that easy, I would not be here working. I would be married and in Connecticut. Wine-drunk all day and working on my smug mom blog called "Diapers and Daydreams."

‘The Mindy Project’ can be viewed on Channel 4 in New Zealand (although it is currently on hiatus) and can also be viewed on Hulu.

Mindy Lahiri, how I love thee.