Replacing My Underwear

I recently decided to replace all of my underwear, It was looking sad, worn and mumsy and making me feel unattractive. I also had the size all wrong; I had my pre pregnancy underwear, my maternity underwear and my post C-section underwear, none of which fit anymore. Gone are the days when I can get away with wearing very low cut underwear, muffin top ensues! After two babies and with some serious hips to accommodate I have found it increasingly difficult to find underpants that sit nice and flat and smooth out my lumps and bumps.

After hours of trying on (exhausting!) I bought two fantastic pairs recently from Farmers. Jockey's Parisienne Full Briefs give good coverage while still looking feminine and feeling modern. This particular pair in the navy and white stripe are made of a quite thick elastane/cotton and look great under anything (but are too shiny to wear tights over because they slide off! Voice of experience...)

The black pair are by Lyric and are magic! They feature a control panel in the front which actually works, but are still soft around the waistband so you don't get any unneeded pinching or extra bumps. But most importantly they have a gorgeous lace bum which eliminates visible panty line and makes you feel sexy. The Jockey's run to a size 18 in store (but I can only see up to a 16 online) and the lyric pair run to a 20.

Did you know you can now shop with Farmers online? Convenient!

My husband says I should specify that the model below is not me, hahahah isn't he sweet :)

Jockey Full Brief

Lyric light control brief