Your arms are not as fat as you think!

Other people are not obsessing about your arm fat (and if they are you should really stop hanging out with them...weirdos!) Today I want to talk about sleeve length.

Most women who aim to keep cool while keeping covered go for cap sleeves which bisect the arm where it’s widest and can actually make arms appear larger. Any garment with an opening or hem that falls across a limb will direct the eye to where it ends, and to whatever 'flaws' it meets there- more about this later!

A top without sleeves doesn’t break the line - and attracts attention to the length of your arms instead of highlighting the widest part.

The photos below are of my beautiful and very stylish, Aunty
Colleen, she will tell you herself she often wears a less than flattering sleeve length. The top she is wearing is a very common cut at the moment, it isn't quite a cap sleeve, more of just a continuation of the shoulder. It makes your shoulders look wider and your arms look shorter- not good! In the third photo you can see how much longer and leaner Colleen's arms look because their line is not being cut off at the widest point.

I have confiscated this top to put into my own wardrobe (sorry Col! I know this happens a lot...) and will wear it with a short sleeve cardigan or tailor the sleeve.

Even if your upper arms aren’t tan and toned, they will generally look longer and leaner in a sleeveless top. If you want to wear a sleeve, avoid the cap sleeve and choose a short sleeve or three quarter sleeve that cross your arm at the slimmest point (between bicep and shoulder or just above/below your elbow).

Be kind to your arms, you'd miss them if they were gone ;)