Impressing hot doctors and other life lessons

If I saved my ‘good clothes’ for special occasions, I would not have worn them for the past 2 years. It has always been my opinion that beautiful clothes that make you feel special should be worn as often as possible. When I was teaching, I wore my lovely dresses and heels to school, the little girls always said ‘Wow!’ and I always felt like me- however paint covered I became throughout the day!


Dressing Up

It is completely okay to wear a tutu skirt, a flashy dress or sequins in the daytime. People will ask you why you are so dressed up, and you can reply ‘because it's Monday’ or some other such witty one liner, you charming thing, you.  There are a couple of no no’s here; I think you can draw the line at wearing your wedding dress as everyday attire, and I would probably leave your tiara at home when taking the kids to weekend sports.

Each day is a new adventure and when I dress up for myself I feel like I am creating a beautiful day instead of waiting for one. It is easy to wear one gorgeous piece and dress it down with flats and a cardigan, you’ll still feel fab! It's like when you are wearing amazing underwear but nobody knows it- on that note, I also believe in wearing your best underwear at all times in case you get hit by a bus. What if a hot doctor has to cut your clothes off? Bad day for granny panties. However if you're like me, your relationship with your underwear drawer is complicated. I only ever like two pairs of my undies at any given time, regardless of how many I buy! Makes for a lot of washing...

I don't wear makeup every day, but most days I wear tinted moisturiser (with SPF), mascara and a bit of blush. It takes less than 2 minutes but makes me feel polished even when I’m running errands.


Your butt is not your problem

The back of you is no-ones business, including your own! You can’t see it, so who cares! My Nan would have been appalled to hear me say that, she was obsessed with how the back of our outfits looked, but honestly I have enough else to think about. The back of my hair? So not my problem…


Focus on your flaunts, not your flaws

Highlight the parts of you that you love. Great lips? Red lipstick is your friend. Like your ankles? Wear ankle grazer pants to show them off. I guarantee there is at least one thing you like about yourself, find it and flaunt it.


Work with what you have

I love long wavy hair and a sharp fringe. My very fine fly-away hair just looks like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards at that length.  Cue the short sassy bob (minus the fringe wahhhh!), manageable for my lifestyle and works with my hair type. Please embrace your curls if you have them and stop straightening them everyday!

You can look gorgeous at any size, with clothes that fit well and a big confident smile. Don’t hide behind your size, it isn't what defines you. Style has no size.


There is some really nice active wear out there these days, from the Warehouse to Lulu Lemon, there are ranges for all budgets- your track pants CAN be cute! I am definitely a track pants fan, but keep them fitted. I bought a plain black pair of bootleg track pants from Country Road and wore them constantly after the birth of my babies. They looked like normal pants but were super stretchy and had no real waistband so were lovely and soft on my post-caesarean belly. I have even heard that Kate Spade (one of my favourite brands) is bringing out a line of active wear- can’t wait! 

Be you, wear the jewels! Or the stripes, or green, or whatever makes you feel confident, because nothing is more attractive than confidence. 

Just for fun, dress up a little bit today.

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