Restock your wardrobe for free! And reconnect with your friends at the same time.

The beautiful woman pictured below is my wonderful friend Natalie. She is standing next to fifteen pieces of clothing and accessories that used to live in my wardrobe. Every week our families have dinner together (Tuesday nights are the best night of our week!) and inevitably I have another piece of clothing for Natalie. You see, Natalie is a completely different shape from me, she is smaller where I'm bigger and bigger where I'm smaller (only the bust I think, damn her!) so she looks amazing in clothes that I don't. 

I have a few friends like this, that are a little smaller, a little bigger, a little taller or carry their weight in different places. At least a quarter of my wardrobe has been gifted to me by my Mum, my Aunty, my friends and acquaintances. It starts with being generous. Pull five things out of your wardrobe that you always try on but then put away again (it is unlikely you'll suddenly love it next week!) and think of someone in your life it would look great on. 

You'll find that once you start the cycle of giving it will come back around. Natalie looks so beautiful in the green Veronika Maine blazer I just had to have that was always a little tight in the is so lovely to see it being worn and appreciated instead of gathering dust in the cupboard. Wait until you see the photo of all the things I have been given! Lucky me smile emoticon

Until next time,
Be you, wear the jewels!