What I Learned from the 'Shop What You Got' Challenge.

Putting together 30 outfits from 30 items for 30 days sounded really daunting, but I thought 'How hard can it be?' We all manage to put together an outfit of some sort each day, the challenge would be making sure each one was different. 

Some days were easier than others, sometimes when you have small children in the house, you just want to wear track pants! And sometimes I got spewed on, and ended up doing exactly that :)

After completing the challenge, I've come up with a few tips for putting together outfits easily:

- Clean out your wardrobe regularly.  Things that you keep in case they are useful are often just taking up space. I very quickly realised that the stripy top I wore on day one doesn't really fit me- it has been sitting in the wardrobe for a year 'just in case'. It now lives at my friend Natalie's house! I would say I felt similarly about 3 or 4 items of the 30, so they are now out of rotation.

-Think of every item as a separate. When I realised I could use my floral tunic top as a top under a skirt I got a lot more mileage out of it. Also I was feeling it was a bit short on its own, but I love the print so it is great to have another way to wear it. 

-Mix items together you normally don't think would work. Just put them on and try and look at them through fresh eyes, you might find a new outfit from what you already own.

-Fit is everything. You can be wearing the most stunning clothing but if it doesn't fit you perfectly, it won't look good. Shop for fit, not for size. I literally have items from sizes 12 to 20 in my wardrobe.

-Have some 'Wow' pieces in your wardrobe you can always rely on. It is better to have one amazing expensive piece you wear all the time than 20 cheap ill-fitting items that you bought because the price was good (don't get me wrong, I have 'wow' items that were $15 from K-Mart!)

-Consider your polish piece. What is the item that will really step up this outfit and bring it all together? For me it is often an amazing pair of shoes, a bright necklace, or a bold print. 

So here they are, all 30 outfits in one place! My personal favourites were day 8, day 18 and day 30- turns out I have a thing for monochrome! None of these were outfits I had ever worn before- but I will sure wear them again!


The full capsule wardrobe- I managed to use every item!