3 Ways to Wear - The Printed Tee


Merry Christmas Eve!  I'm very excited to bring you the first '3 ways to wear'! This is going to be a bit of a K-Mart extravaganza (this is not a sponsored post!)- you have been warned! I wanted to you to see these clothes before the Boxing Day sales because most of them are in store now!

The print tee shirt is from K-Mart ($15), I am not a huge tee shirt fan ordinarily, but this one says 'Fashion fades, style is eternal' -no brainer! I love dressing up clothes that normally seem really casual, just tuck it into a skirt and you're off! Mine is a size 20- small sizing i know, and yet the other K-Mart clothes mentioned are a size 16. That is why I always buy for fit and not size, you just have to try it on!

Look 1

Kmart print tee $15, K-mart skirt $25 (this is the black version of the white one I wore in the 'Shop What You Got' challenge. K-Mart shoes $39 (I think, I was so excited when I found them that I can't quite remember!) 

Look 2

K-Mart tee paired with K-Mart 7/8 grey jeans- these have little zips at the back of the ankles, too cute- ($25). I love this Amalia bag from Sera Lilly Curve, it fits everything I need but is still nice and compact and at $89.95 it is an excellent price! They also have 20% off at the moment and it comes in cobalt blue and black. I am really not a sneaker girl, so if I wear sneakers they have to be sparkly or dressy somehow. These metallic silver numbers from Mimco are covered in glitter! I also have them in black :) You can find similar at Kate Spade.

Look 3

This one is the most 'me', green being my favourite colour. I got these gorgeous silver lace heeled booties out at the Minx factory shop and this Marks and Spencer's green skirt on the same day for $6.99 at Savemart! 

Have a beautiful Christmas my friends- and remember. style has no size!