Engagement Story


Every now and then you find a piece that just feels 'you'. For me it was my engagement ring. I knew I was never going to be a diamond solitaire kinda girl, I wanted something vintage looking and just a little bit colourful :) 

James and I saw this ring in the window a few months before we got engaged. He insisted on then taking me into the jeweller to have a look around, uhhhhhh ok! 

The day of the proposal was our one year anniversary. You'd think that I might have been suspicious, but James made sure we had the most boring day ever (clever man, throwing me off the scent!) He had to work all day and then play for Musical Theatre exams that evening (he is a pianist), so I went along to watch. By this time it was late and it was clear to me that our anniversary wasn't going to be acknowledged, I just wanted to go home. 

On our way home James stopped at the lake and convinced me to get out of the car (this wasn't easy, face like thunder!) then he got down on one knee and said "You are so special to me, I have never wanted to ask this of anyone else, will you marry me?" Now at this point it took a minute to get myself together- I had been at 100% grump and half asleep 2 minutes before! Of course I said yes, and when James gave me the ring box there was a little note inside from the jeweller which said 'looking forward to designing your dream ring'. James knew I would want to choose my ring and even though we had seen one we loved, he wasn't 100% confident, so we went to choose it together. I know to some people this must seem incredibly unromantic, but believe me going into the jeweller and having my now fiance say "Choose whichever ring you like darling", was pretty romantic!


When I finally got the Mali garnet, pink sapphire and diamond ring set in white and rose and gold on my finger, I knew it was the one and James just loved it. A few years have gone by and I have still never seen a ring I like more. Our wedding ended up having a pale green and pink theme because of it and I like to wear outfits that bring out the colours. We had my wedding ring made to match it and it fits around it perfectly. I keep saying 5 years is a good time to get the eternity ring to match, so far the only response to that has been laughter!! Apparently 5 years is not an eternity? 

My ring sums up my style more than any other piece of jewellery of clothing I own. I would LOVE to hear the story of your most special piece of jewellery and how you came to own it.