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Lantana works in media and lives in Auckland with her husband and her cat, Ninja. She is interested in nutrition and loves to snowboard in her downtime.

Tiger Lily jacket and Lee Rider jeans

Tiger Lily jacket and Lee Rider jeans

Tell me a bit about your personal style. 

It is really eclectic, I like to wear shirts with jeans and put my leather jacket over it to tailor them. I will always wear different styles, be very bohemian one day and then wear a biker jacket the next. I wear a lot of denim, I love ripped denim too. Navy is my new favourite colour. I follow Tash Sefton on Instagram and she has a very similar style to me, quite different each day! I also like the way Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba dress. They both have boho influences but incorporate tailored and classic looks too. 

I love shoes. The statement pieces I seem to have are shoes or dresses. 

Saben 'Tilly' pouch, Karen Walker sunglasses, Senso heels, Mimco clutch, necklaces by Jeanwest, Lovisa and Equip.

Saben 'Tilly' pouch, Karen Walker sunglasses, Senso heels, Mimco clutch, necklaces by Jeanwest, Lovisa and Equip.

Where is your absolute favourite place to shop?

I love Tigerlily and Topshop and I look a lot on ASOS and Country Road. Seed is my new favourite because they do a lot of structure but then they use print to make it a bit different. I’ve bought quite a few things from Just Jeans recently and Jeans West. Just Jeans have these lovely stretch basic singlets with proper thick straps and a scoop neck- very flattering for big boobs, and two for $30!

I buy a lot of shoes and jackets online because I know what will fit. I always like to have a good leather jacket because I will wear it over a fancy dress or just to work. I buy fancy dresses online for special occasions too, I know if it is drawn in at the waist it will generally fit.

What do you try to avoid when you have a bigger bust?

Just too much billowy fabric. I can wear kimonos on top of things but I’ll put a tight singlet underneath to show some shape and that’s why I am always drawn to jackets, they give you a clean line over your clothes so your bust isn’t too obvious. I avoid anything too high necked that is not drawn in at the waist.

The hardest thing for me at the moment is to buy tops as they have no shape. That’s why I wear a lot of shirts because they look tailored and still have room around the bust.

What’s your favourite underwear brand?

I like Jockey for underwear, but for bras I am a 10FF so I shop at Avokado in Newmarket because they know how to fit a big bust, I mostly buy the brand ‘Freya’.

What are you missing in your wardrobe that is difficult to find?

A whole range of basic nice tops that go with, or under everything. I have two great ones from Country Road but I need more. I would also love a couple of midi dresses for work but they all have shoe string straps- not great when you have big boobs, and not formal enough for work. I find it easy to buy statement pieces but not basics. I have yet to find the perfect t-shirt.

What’s your favourite part of you?

Even though I complain about my boobs, I like the upper half of my body, I think it’s in proportion and my waist is reasonably small, I don’t like my legs much. But I like my shoulders- I used to hate my arms but I’m over it now. I don’t hate anything anymore. I focus on health, which is a priority- not my weight. Most of the time though I am really a size 11 which is a pain because I am between sizes, so I mostly buy 12’s.

I have made it my mission this year to buy a few quality pieces instead of buying many items that only last one season.

Mimco clutch and Jeanswest necklace

Mimco clutch and Jeanswest necklace

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