Easy Outfits for Mummys

I don't know about you, but when I had my first baby I seriously lost my mojo. With breast feeding difficulties, lack of sleep and caesarean recovery- I wasn't feeling too flash. I couldn't fit my clothes, and what I could fit wasn't particularly baby appropriate. I think it was after about eight months when I came out of the haze and started feeling around for who I was once again. It actually took a bit of time to figure out what I liked (and to remember I cared!) and what would fit and flatter my new body.

I think it is really common to decide not to buy things in this period, thinking there isn't much point until your body is 'back to normal'. After baby one my body didn't at all resemble the body of my past until well after a year, and with baby two well, she's nine months and I'm thinking about thinking about it ;). For a lot of us, we are never quite the shape we were before and while our wardrobe needs to suit our lifestyle, it should also make us feel good about ourselves and like we can face the world.

One of the Mums on my Facebook Page said that she finds it difficult to know what to wear as a Mum, when the day is so busy and you are moving from place to place. I love soft easy fabrics - not oversized, but fitted to the parts of you that feel your best. Machine washable is a must, choose an easy colour palette (I love green and stripes) and compliment it with plain coloured basics that are easy to wear and can match with everything else in your wardrobe. And did I mention elastic waistbands? Lots of elastic...

Comfy shoes are imperative. I love the silver ballet flats above, they will go with literally everything, dresses, jeans, shorts, whatever, and they look a little glam. I have added in a sparkly necklace, which I put on over my t-shirts when I'm feeling a little lacklustre. 

Shopping online is a godsend at a time like this, you can browse for hours and take your time deciding what you want to get (and try it on at home without dragging small people to the mall- bliss!)

Birdsnest are having an awesome sale, I love shopping with them as they stock so many different brands and their customer services team are so helpful. I have actually bought quite a few of the items above (practicing what I preach!) so you will see them styled with different items on the blog in the near future.

Don't forget to give yourself a little bit of love and focus on the things that YOU love and need. When Mummy's happy, everyone is happy :)

Be you, wear the jewels!