What and How to Buy on Trade Me Now

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Gorman Wedges size 37, ASOS dress size 14, Boden Flats size 10, Kate Spade Compact Mirror

I made my first Trade Me sale in 2004 and have been a fan ever since. Trade Me tells me I have completed a further 678 trades since then - my favourite pieces and serious bargains have come to live wth me through the joys of Trade Me trawling. For some people I know it's in the 'too hard basket' so and I want to share some of my tips and tricks on how to buy on Trade Me.

Decide which brands are your 'Favourites'

If something I want instore is sold out, my first port of call is Trade Me. I put what I am looking for into the search box, for example, 'Veronika Maine Dress Size 16' then save the search to my favourites. You can then insruct Trade Me to email you periodically to tell you when something has been listed that matches that description. You can also scroll through your favourites list whenever you like just to check what's available. My favourites list includes Kate Spade, Size 9 Kathryn Wilson Shoes, and Green size 16 - no kidding, I really like green! 

Use Your Watchlist

If you see something you'd like to buy but want to wait and see how the auction goes, click 'Add to Watchlist' so you can check in on it whenever you like. Trade Me will email you an hour before the auction closes so you can be sure not to miss out. 

Get online at the right time

Find out when the auction closes and be available! I have often sat at the computer waiting for the auction to say 'closes in 10 seconds' before I bid and I almost always get the item. Besides which it makes your competitors crazy ;) 

If you really want it, use the 'Buy Now' button

It is all too tempting to wait for the last minute in case you can get the item cheaper, but if you really want it and will be disappointed to miss out, be safe and use the 'Buy Now' button. If the auction doesn't have a 'Buy Now', you can ask the seller for one in the questions and answers section. But, bear in mind the seller can only add a 'Buy Now' once they have a certain amount of trades completed. 

Use search words that reflect your Style

I often search the word 'jewelled' 'bright' and 'green'. I have purchased some stunning pieces this way! 

Ask Questions

I always ask for the measurements of an item and what condition it is in- I learned this the hard way when my purchases didn't fit or arrived with pilling or stains, not cool!

Check Sellers Feedback

If you click the username of the seller you will be able to see how many trades they have completed and how much positive feedback they have received. Trading with a seller that has a lot of negative feedback should be avoided- you may never receive your item or it might be sub standard- so disappointing! 

You can buy anything on Trade Me, from pets to wedding dresses. I would love to hear your Trade Me success story! My tips for selling on Trade Me will be coming up on the blog soon. 

Until next time,

Be you, wear the jewels!