The Shapewear the Bodysuit and Me

I have delved into shapewear a little on the blog before, but after deciding I needed to purchase some myself I began a full-on mission to find the perfect shapewear for me.

I love all the high waisted pants that are out this summer; I tried on a stunning navy pair with a wide leg and felt like something out of 'Anything Goes' on Broadway (very nautical!) but they didn't look so great over my rather squishy lower belly. I really wanted to find a bodysuit with a built in bra so that my underwear would be seamless and entirely one piece, and my lower tum would feel supported. Sounds simple enough...right?

Everywhere I went I found very tight slips with built in bras, bodysuits with no bra and lots of shapewear separates, but nothing to fit the bill. So I tried a variety of things to see if I could be convinced into something else.

The Warehouse

The Hold Me Tight bodysuit from the Warehouse didn't have a built in bra, but looked a nice shape- it was, but the bust was all pouchy, maybe for a bigger bust than my C cup? It was also quite high cut around the neckline which wouldn't work under all clothes.

When I saw this Wolford Mat Deluxe Bodysuit from ASOS, I thought "Yes! That's it!" It has a lovely smooth line and a built in bra, but a G-string back (not for me) and a price tag of almost $300....and of course I couldn't try it on- next.




I tried this Nancy Ganz bodysuit on at Farmers (I didn't so much try it on as wrench it on huffing puffing and groaning with one leg in the air!) even though it didn't have the in built bra- I was getting desperate at this point! To it's credit, the fabric around the bottom was nice and soft, so no visible panty line, but the top was so tight it gave me a roll in the back and pushed my boobs up higher than they've been since puberty. Felt somewhat sausage like and wished I had taken a friend to peel me out of it. 

K-Mart had a similar version entirely in lace which looked so cute! I tried the biggest size- a 16, and lets just say it was about 3 sizes too small. Ouch- not so cute.


Smith and Caughey's

Finally a bodysuit with a bra, hooray! I tried and loved the Triumph Contouring sensation bodysuit, great fabric great length, perfect fitting bra- but I am not sure it did much to hold in my tummy. It did make my clothes hang beautifully however. I called later to put it on hold, only to find the Triumph had sold out and Smith and Caughey's couldn't get anymore in. Sigh!


The second one was a Simone Perele Bodysuit, just lovely but very similar to the Triumph bodysuit, but more expensive at $169.95. The price tag makes me gasp but if I can't find the Triumph on line in my size, this is what I will go with.


I am planning to get this all in one bodysuit by Jockey also, when I am looking for a clean line under my clothes but something a bit looser and more comfortable- but how do you pee in this?! I haven't worked that out yet...


I would love to hear your successes with shapewear- what type works for you?