My H&M Shopping Plan! Which Outfit Should I Buy?

outfit flat lay H&M shopping

On Thursday, I am off to the new H&M to check out what all the fuss is about - and let's be honest, to buy things. ALL THE THINGS!!!

Because I am super organised (and I take shopping very seriously) I have looked at every single item on the website (there are 2000 items in the women's department in case you were wondering!) and sketched out what I think I would like to try on. Some of these things have sold out since I created the flat lays a couple of days ago...this could be an interesting and hectic shopping trip! 

Lately I have been trying really hard to buy in outfits so I always have something to wear with it - I hate shopping for the one missing piece so you can wear that coat you bought 4 years ago that is still hanging in the wardrobe judging you! So I have assembled outfits so I can buy the whole thing - in my dreams you credit card limit says otherwise! 

Wide Trousers with Slits, $39.99 Sizes 4-18  -  Jersey Top $14.99, Sizes XS-XL  - Tassel Earrings, Sold Out - Tassel Shoes, Sold out

Wide Trousers with Slits, $39.99 Sizes 4-18 - Jersey Top $14.99, Sizes XS-XL - Tassel Earrings, Sold Out - Tassel Shoes, Sold out

Which item is your favourite? Be sure to check in with me on 'Instagram Stories' on Thursday, I will definitely share my purchases with you! You can follow me on Instagram HERE.

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