Off the Shoulder, Cold Shoulder or Both?

off the shoulder cold shoulder or both?

Off the shoulder clothing has come into fashion time and time again, and is a huge trend this season. I'm certainly giving it a whirl right now, maybe you've considered it and thought it's in the too hard basket? Not true! Let's see if I can convince you...

Issue one:

"How can I find the best strapless bra for an off the shoulder top?" I'm really sorry but there is no hard and fast answer! A strapless bra that works for you is mostly about the shape of the cup matching the shape of your boobs. I'm a 14D/16C and I have a Heidi Klum strapless bra from Farmers that I love - but that's not a lot of boob to have to hold up! You actually have to get out and try on a whole lot of styles and see what works for you. Triumph does an excellent one for a bigger bust and City Chic does a great plus size range. I recommend going to a big department store (I love Smith and Caughey's in Auckland for underwear) and trying on a whole range of options with knowledgeable shop assistants to run back and forward for you! 

Issue two: 

"How come my off the shoulder tops never stay off the shoulder?" It's probably because the elastic is too tight - generally if it is quite a loose fit around the shoulder it will stay where it should - not too loose though, you don't want to end up showing more than you'd planned! Also look for a neckline that slopes down from the shoulder like a half circle instead of one that is cut in a straight line.

My off the shoulder top is from Crossroads, it was $25 and comes in sizes 8-22 (only available in store at the moment, I got it in Albany, Auckland). I am wearing a size 16.

If you already own an off the shoulder top that refuses to stay down, try the hack in the video below - Nikki Parkinson from Styling You mentioned it and swears it works! You can read her blog post here.

For those of you yelling at me "There is no way I can wear a strapless bra Monique - forget it!" give the cold shoulder a try! A cold shoulder top has cut outs over the shoulder and still leaves plenty of room for you to wear your usual bra - hooray! It also gives some arm coverage for those who fancy it. Sunblock is your friend ladies - a cold shoulder top makes for some interesting tan lines...

My cold shoulder top is from Crossroads, is available online for $21 and comes in sizes 8-22. It is so light and comfy and I love the forgiving cut over the belly! I am wearing a size 16. Shop it here

Here are some other options you might fancy!

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