Monochrome at the Country Road Sale

How are the credit card balances looking ladies? The boxing day/holiday sales are on and I just want EVERYTHING!  

I can never resist the Country Road sale around this time of year. I always do well with their basics and I am struggling with my wardrobe at the moment because it is all print and sparkles, with nothing to mix it with.

I spent the whole time I was shopping trying to avoid capes, lace and flounce and head towards the tees, shorts and mix and match pieces.

This is what I bought. 

Pocket tee in navy $49.95 - on sale for $35

I have had this tee three times in back and it is my favourite tee ever. It washes so well and is loose enough to wear over jeans but fitting enough to tuck into a skirt also. I bought the XL. 

Spot dress $149 (now sold out) - on sale for $111.75

This was the item that tipped me over my budget - but when I slipped it on it fit like a dream! I love dresses that are a whole outfit in their own and this certainly is, and of course I was envisioning accessorising it with green necklaces and gold shoes...

Knit shorts $159 - on sale for $50.

The most comfy shorts ever! No buttons and zips that stab you when you sit down, just stretchy waistband joy! These are made of a thick knit and almost feel formal - no cargo pockets for me! 

Paisley Cotton shirt (sold out online, try instore) - on sale for $66.75

I have a floral shirt this weight that I wear ALL the time so I was excited to see this light cotton shirt, cool enough to wear all summer but still be covered up in the sun - very important when you are as pale as me! 

And the shirt I wish I bought! Along with the rest of the store...

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 3.17.22 PM.png

Stripe Shirt $159.00 - on sale for $67.42

This stripy shirt looked so polished over my jeans, I love it (however pyjama-like!) but I left it in the store...wah!

Paisley shirt and knit shorts with my country road wedges (wedges are about 5 years old!)

Paisley shirt and knit shorts with my country road wedges (wedges are about 5 years old!)

I am normally attracted to colour and sparkle so this is a very tame collection for me - but you can't beat the classics! 

What have you been buying in the summer sales? 

And guess what!? I wrote a book! I understand that for a some of you, having a wardrobe edit with me is either not in your budget right now, or you are too far away. SO I have put down everything you need to know to style yourself in an easy to follow e book! Sign up to Dressing Updates below and information about pre orders for the book will be coming soon! I told you 2017 was going to be a good one ;) 

xxx Monique 

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