Would You Let Teenagers Dress You? I Did...PART 2


Ella and Olivia after they had taken me out shopping and restyled me!

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Last week I let Ella (16) and Olivia (18) style me. They took me on a shopping mission to find me outfits I wouldn't ordinarily choose, and to make me take some fashion risks (parts of it certainly felt risky!) 

In PART 1 the girls took me to K-Mart and styled me in 70's inspired outfits, and I bought the most gorgeous flared jeans - i know that sounds weird, you have to see them to believe me!

Our second stop was Glassons. Now I am not usually a Glassons shopper. At a size 16 I am at the top of their sizing range and I often find their clothes a bit....young? Oh no, I said it! I shouldn't think that at 32, but you get what I mean. I tried not to look horrified when the girls pulled out the high waisted white ripped denim jeans (mummy tummy alert!) and while I am not a convert, I was surprised to find I could fit a 14 and they weren't actually hideous (but no I am not buying them!). The frilly short top they paired with the jeans was also surprisingly cute, and also a 14 -starting to wonder if they are favouring a bigger cut these days? 

This floral dress looked kind of tarty on the rack, but again was quite cute on, and fit me in a size 14! If it was a couple of inches longer (you could see my butt when I moved!) then it is definitely something I would wear. The girls also got me a matching singlet to try underneath so the neckline wasn't so booby! 

I was feeling really buzzy at this point, it felt so good to try on items that were 'out of the norm' and actually like them, and is it just me, or do these teenagers have amazing taste?!

Off to City Chic next, this is another store I often have problems with. Because I am an Inbetweenie (top end of the 'straight size' stores, but I don't quite fit plus sizes) I don't always fit their clothes. I am short in the torso and have often found that City Chic clothes are cut for someone longer in the body who is much taller than me (I'm 5ft 6). Ella chose me this pretty feminine blazer (I am wearing the XS). You can get it here.

Olivia chose the beautiful 'Floral Stripe Skirt' (I'm wearing the size small) which I wasn't too excited about on the rack, but how stunning does it look on?! I paired it with the stripe crop top and felt so ladylike. Pretty sure I am going back for this outfit. The skirt looked just as great over my plain black tee, must be a winner :) 

So all in all Olivia and Ella were doing an amazing job styling me! 

Come back in a few days time and read part 3 where we explore fur vests, suede skirts, high waisted sailing pants (just like being in a musical) and some items so gorgeous I actually had to buy them!

Until next time,

Be you, wear the jewels!

Monique xxx

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