Would You Let Teenagers Dress You? I did...PART 1


The two beautiful teenagers above, are 18 year old Olivia and her sister Ella, who is 16 (holding my little girl Willow, who is 2 - and needs that afro attending to!) They are my friend's daughters and I pretty much always love what they wear. BUT of course a large part of their wardrobes consist of items I would never dream of attempting myself, like short shorts and lace crop tops. 

When Livvy and Ella agreed to take me out and style me, I promised I would absolutely try on anything they picked for me. We started off in K-mart and it wasn't long until hilarity ensued- all three of us in the family changing room, laughing as we tried to get photos without hitting passers-by with the changing room door. 

The 70's has been a big trend this summer and the first thing Ella grabbed for me was a pair of flared jeans. I have been a skinny jean girl so long I looked horrified. But of course I tried them, and I couldn't believe how flattering they were! Ella styled them wth a lace top and a flower crown and Liv styled them with a brushed cotton shirt tied at the waist. Ella also chose to tie the shirt around my waist over the tee that Livvy had picked. 

Lesson 1: Try a style that is completely out of your comfort zone- you just might love it. I loved those jeans so much I bought them - did I mention they were $9!!!


K-mart, Style on a budget! The whole outfit cost less than $40. The jeans are a size 16 and all three tops are a size 18.


I dare you to come back for Part 2 of this blog series to see me trying on ripped white high waisted jeans, fur vests and crop tops!

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