It's just a body right? I hear you have one too...

It has been a stinking hot summer in Auckland and on this particular day (in torrential rain) I couldn't find a thing to wear, so this was my solution! Little did I know that the Facebook response would be so huge! It reached 10,500 people, almost 400 of you liked it and dozens of others commented - all positive. I wonder if maybe it is refreshing to see an un-photoshopped white belly?! Whatever the reason, the outpouring of positivity was beautiful. I never thought I would get to the point of loving my body enough to wear a bikini on the internet, I'm so glad I have arrived here. My readers are the BEST! Thanks so much for helping me to create such a positive, fun and fashionable community and for spending time with me at Dressing Up.


Be you, wear the jewels!