Turn Your Fashion into Funds!

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Admit it, each and every one of you has at least 5 items in your wardrobe that you don't wear (some of you have 50 - you know who you are). Selling your unwanted clothes is a great way to get rid of clothes you don't use and make cash to fund next season's must have items - I am chasing a bright coat for winter! 

Here are some ideas about where and how to sell.

Designer Recycle

Encore Fashion Recycle - Auckland and Wellington

Best for designer clothes in excellent condition. You get 45% of the profit or 55% if you use the credit in store - this has happened to me a LOT... I don't think I have left Encore without something gorgeous, it is potentially my favourite store ever (big call!)

Second Skin - Taupo

Owned and run by the wonderful Sally Thompson. Sally is so knowledgable about design and fabrication and the store is packed full of designer goodness. Sally knows all of her stock well so can sell the pants off it! (Ha!)

Hunters and Collectors - Wellington

A feast for the eyes! Hunters and Collectors is full of new and vintage designer finds in all shapes and sizes. They have an extensive range of vintage precious and costume jewellery and loads of accessories. Best if you have a lot of unusual or one of pieces to offload.  

Be aware: Not all designer recycle boutiques are made equal. In boutiques with crammed racks the chances of buyers finding your clothes and purchasing them are not good; go for somewhere with an open layout, preferably where the clothing is sorted by sizes. In my experience you make far more money that way.

Make sure you understand the terms and conditions - especially when you need to pick up your unsold items - and be aware of what happens to them if you don't pick them up. You might assume that they would be donated to charity but in some cases the boutique sells them online or at local markets.  They are entitled to do this as long as they disclose that in their terms and conditions but it does seem kind of dishonest.  If they can't sell your items in store and give you half the profit they sell it elsewhere and keep 100% of the profit themselves (none of the boutiques listed above do this by the way!)

Selling online

Facebook Groups - My favourite way to sell online at the moment. You can join a group and sell your clothes without any fees. You don't have to wait a week for your auction to end and I have often had sales completed and sent same day. You often end up building relationships with those you sell to and trade with them repeatedly. 

You can join the Dressing up buy and sell page here!

Be aware: Do not send the goods until the money has come into your account- if you are swindled there is very little the page admin can do except for removing that member. Be prepared to negotiate, people really like free postage! If you are selling frequently, I recommend the services of Pass the Parcel. they are a courier company who pick up packages from your door - amazing!


A nice safe way to sell your clothes with an easy interface and the security of members who have had feedback placed about them, and are address verified. 

Be aware: In my opinion you don't get as much as you used to on Trademe, there is so much choice they are at capacity. The fees have also gotten more expensive, for a $50 item your success fee would be $3.95, and considering the fact you already paid to list it it can get quite steep. You MUST post good photographs, your item will not sell otherwise.


Designer items can sell really well on Ebay, and it is a well established marketplace with lots of safety measures in place.

Be aware: There is a lot to choose from, you need to take clear photographs in natural light and post a very detailed description including measurements. You will have to become experienced with International postage costs (you can select only to ship with NZ or Aus but you will really limit your customer base).

Local Markets

There are loads of markets around the country where you can sell your used items. I have sold at both Takapuna and Browns Bay in Auckland, and had some brilliant sales. You usually need to let the organisers know you are coming in advance or show up REALLY early in the morning to get a space. I always liked to set up my stall like a proper little shop, items on hangers sell much better and if you can create a space to try them on then all the better

Be aware: Market buyers will haggle with you to get rock bottom prices, if it's a dollar they want to pay fifty cents. You CAN say no! The regular stall holders are not always pleased to see newcomers showing up and taking their sales, it pays to make friends with the people next to you and whoever is in charge of your area. If you are not careful you will spend more money on coffees and the surrounding stalls than you make, keep those purse strings tight! 

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Be you - wear the jewels!