Walk In Wardrobe: Suzanne - My Fashion Journey from a size 26 to a 16

Suzanne is a Personal Assistant and an internet shopping ninja! Her wardrobe is a mix of easy to wear separate with some glamorous prints thrown in for good measure.

ASOS Wiggle Dress

I’ve had a pretty complicated relationship with my body, always trying to lose weight. Eventually something clicked and I realised I wanted to do it for myself, not for anyone else and not motivated by anyone else. So about a year ago, I took myself off to Weight Watchers without telling anyone and it has been a god send for me. I used to panic that if I gained any weight at all that I would no longer be able to fit the clothes, but it's so much better now that the fashion world has caught up and you can buy amazing clothes in any size! 

I used to be a size 24-26 and I have gone down to a 16-18 so there is so much more available to me now, but it shouldn't be that way. Thank goodness for The Carpenter's Daughter, because when I was younger it was really the only plus size store around, otherwise you had to get a dressmaker to make your clothes so you could get them to fit. There is so much available for women of every size now and it's exciting. I love shopping online, sometimes I have to remember to go into an actual store and try things on for a change! 

One of my favourite place to shop is Farmers.  Loving my Whistle culottes at the moment, they are doing so well with the more modern labels they have introduced. I got these cute little Boom Shankar jackets from Brandsexclusive.co.nz, it’s like an 'NZ Sale' site but they often have plus size clothes. You have to just look at everything and be really adventurous with what you pick. Once I get something the right size I remember it for next time so when they stock that brand again I can pick up more. I love Evans.co.uk but I find with UK you have to go up a size - love their clothes and the shipping is reasonable. I buy a lot of ASOS, for the fit you have to go up a size.

When I was at my heaviest I bought a lot of TS14plus because they have the length. Now I am a size 16 top and an 16/18 bottom, being tall I still have long arms and legs, so finding clothes that fit me lengthwise can be tricky - the tall girls will understand! I’m 5’ 11 and I love my height. I don't need to wear heels!

ASOS white shirt and floral skirt, Witchery bag. Sabine tunic, Ezibuy Leggings and Ziera sandals.

I just bought new togs last weekend - so excited! I always buy my togs at Beach Hut, they are such great quality and they always fit and again they are nice and long in the body. This Summer I convinced myself to wear lots of skirts (like the green ASOS floral pictured). I always wear Spanx under my skirts! I often do well in K-Mart also.

I love shopping on Trademe, I have got so many bargains and I sell anything in my wardrobe that I don’t like or the stuff that doesn’t fit me anymore. I wear a lot of The Carpenter’s Daughter for work, (I’m a Personal Assistant). The clothes can sometimes be a little out there for me but it pushes me and I like that. I don't want to look cookie cutter and her things are really different. I love anything that has an embellishment or a little tie.


ASOS white shirt and skirt with Khrio Vera Pelle wedges. Zest (from Farmers) top and Kalypso pants with Ziera sandals.

Whenever I go shopping with a really good friend of mine, she always pulls me out of my comfort zone and makes me try things on, they always look great. It is so important to challenge yourself and try new things, you just might like them!"

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