Social Media Spring Clean- Is it Time to Click Unfollow?

We all know that social media is skewed to show the highlights of people's lives. We see the manicured, dressed up perfect versions of the people we follow, and often, we compare ourselves to what we see.

The photo below shows a very tired me, with a very happy (how is she still so happy!?) but overtired Florence. Miss Flo is 15 months old, has personality plus, and has been sick on and off for weeks. So, we have been up nights with both her and her 3 year old sister and we are knackered. This is my reality, parenting is wonderful, but it's hard. 

I hope my readers realise that while I love dressing up every day, I am a real person and I don't look coiffed and perfect all the time. I am finding style in my busy life and that's why it's so much fun.

The picture below is courtesy of a LOT of makeup, designer clothes, a professional photographer and flattering light. It would be great to look this way all the time, but no Mum always manages to look put together and refreshed! It's that much harder to find time to put on makeup with one small person crying over the marmite and another tugging your ankle. You are more likely to see me out and about with my hair scraped back and a cheap and cheerful bright cardigan on, because honestly, this Mumma thing is a bit exhausting.

I started 'Dressing Up' because I didn't feel like brands were representing me in the way that I wanted, it was hard to find the clothes I wanted to wear in my size or shape. Since I began, the media I see on a daily basis has changed - because I am choosing differently. I follow bloggers and brands who I identify with and who have something to offer me. Seeing like minded women out there succeeding in the world makes me feel empowered and like it's possible. They are producing awesome content, being authentic and making a career out of it. They aren't creating gossip and drama, and crying about how they wish they had less cellulite (yes we all wish that, no it's not worth crying about - moving on!) Seeing fashion bloggers with bodies I can identify with has been the biggest change - fashion is FOR me, hooray! 

Next time you are scrolling through your social media, really look at the messages you are getting and ask yourself - is it time to press unfollow? Some questions to consider:

1. How does this content make me feel?

2. What am I gaining from this content, is it inspirational, am I learning something, is it fun?

3. Does the content make me want to take action in my life? This isn't essential, but the content you connect with most usually makes you want to do something positive, and yes, sometimes that's shopping! 

I would love to hear about the people you follow on social media that you find uplifting and affirming. Here are a few of my current favourites.

Left to right

Tanesha Awasthi - Otherwise known as 'Girl with Curves' is all about fashion. She always looks effortlessly chic and I love stealing her outfit ideas!

The Mummy and the Minx - Robyna May writes about finding the parts of you that have gone missing since you had kids. She is insightful and understanding, Whenever I read her articles I think 'Me too!'

Constance Hall - Constance's writes about parenting and life. Her writing is raw and uncensored. I find her both controversial and hilarious! Not for the faint of heart. 

Styling You - Nikki Parkinson's focus is to help busy women get out the door looking stylish every day. Follow her on Instagram with the hashtag #everydaystyle to join thousands of women putting together inspired outfits daily.

Mindy Kaling - Is a comedian, actress and a brilliant writer. I love her show 'The Mindy Project' and adore pretty much everything she wears!

The Ellen Degeneres Show - Comedian Ellen Degeneres has created the perfect place to unwind and watch animal videos, cute kids dancing and good news clips. Somedays you just need to keep it light.

Until next time, be you - wear the jewels!