Long Boots, Long Lashes, Long Lunches

I've been talking a lot about ankle boots lately, you can see all of the boots I tried on this season here, and then what I actually bought here. But now I am moving on to my other love, long boots! Okay I just love boots...Long or over the knee boots are back again this winter and if you haven't already, it's time to give them a try! They make you feel like a fox (in a sexy way, not a furry orange way!) they are super warm and they come in countless lengths, colours and styles. 

If you are a little hesitant to show so much leg, wear them with opaque leggings or ponti pants underneath a long tunic or a short dress. We just got a great pair of Ponti Pants over at Dressing Room that would be perfect! I also love the way they look disappearing under a longer (below knee length) pencil skirt, like Sandee from Curv Envy is wearing below left. 

Sandee from  Curv Envy

Sandee from Curv Envy

Boots by Minx, tunic by K&K, jewellery by Cathy Pope, all from winter 2015. 

Boots by Minx, tunic by K&K, jewellery by Cathy Pope, all from winter 2015. 

I think they look fab on any shape and size providing you bring your confidence and some attitude! If anything, I would have gone for more opaque tights with this look, but as you can see, these boots make me feel CONFIDENT! So meh, tights shmites. 

Check out these gorgeous fashion bloggers rocking their long boots!

Left to right:
Amber, Style Plus Curves
Jo, Icurvy
Sandee, Curv Envy

There are many different lengths and shapes to choose from. If you have trouble finding boots to fit your legs, choose a pair with an elasticated gusset in the back - like the 'Macca Long Boot' from Merchant 1948, below.  There are plenty of faux suede options for the budget conscious, or if you want to try them out before committing to the look! 

Here are some options to suit any budget.

Left to right:
Aurora Over Knee Boot, Sizes 36-41, $399 from Country Road.
These remind me so much of a pair I used to own in London, I love that you can fold them up to be over the knee or down if you want to wear them shorter and show off the sheepskin.

Berkeley Boot by Therapy, Sizes 5-10, $89.95, $89.95 from The Iconic
Super soft fabric boots that will go with everything for a bargain price!

Melody Long Boot, Sizes 36-41, $289.90 from Merchant 1948
Oh stop it, that navy velvet! I need these...they also come in black and tan. 

Macca Long Boot, Sizes 36-41, $399.90 from Merchant 1948
The perfect black basic flat boot, with an elastic gusset in the back for those of us with wider calves.

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All photos of me by the talented Nykie Grove-Eades.

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