How to Make a Tunic Look Glam!

If you carry most of your weight around your tummy (like me) then a tunic can be your best friend - or your worst enemy! A tunic is basically a straight through long top or short dress that doesn't have any shaping through the middle.

The one I am wearing below is an oldie but a goodie for one major reason - it fits. It hangs close to the body skimming my tummy and hips. It is a clean line, no pleats or gathers and can be worn over skinny jeans, ponte pants, or with tights (although I wouldn't mind it being an inch longer for this purpose!) The mistake a lot of women make with tunics is they wear them a size too big or with too much volume to hide their shape underneath. Firstly, your shape is your shape, embrace it and dress it up! Don't hide it. Secondly adding layers of fabric will make you look wider, and tunics that fall from the bust will hide any shape at all (especially if you have a bigger bust).

How to wear a tunic

A cropped jacket that cuts across your upper waist will creates the idea of a waist and makes you look longer. Think of breaking up your body into thirds, the jacket is one third, the tunic is two thirds. Otherwise choose a jacket that is longer than the length of the tunic, not one that hits you half way down on the hip. 

How to wear a tunic 2

One more tip is to watch the length. Above or on the knee with a straight through cut works really well. Avoid below the knee unless you are going to balance it wth a super high heel. So, tunics are a yes, but keep them streamlined, close to the body with enough room to create a clean line, and pair them with tights/leggings or close fitting pants on the bottom. I always think with loose tunics it is nice to see the length of your leg, so ankle boots work well and don't forget your cropped jacket! 

As always, I would love to hear you thoughts!

Until next time,

Be you - wear the jewels!

xxx Monique