Organise your Wardrobe like a Pro (And peek inside mine!)

I WISH I had a bigger wardrobe. I dream about a wardrobe that takes up an entire room, has a chaise lounge and an enormous glass frame at the end that showcases my wedding dress. My dream wardrobe has natural light, a display case for my jewellery and wall to wall shoe shelves. Carrie Bradshaw would weep with envy when she saw it and I could read fashion compendiums on the turquoise velvet window seat.  

Ah hem, real life calling! My actual wardrobe leaves quite a lot to be desired. It isn't terrible, it has double doors, some drawers, and almost enough hanging space for my husband...but I keep it very organised so I can find what I need.

Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your wardrobe spic and span so you can easily see what you have.


Label your shoe boxes

For years I have taken photographs of my shoes and stuck them to the boxes so I can find the right pair quickly and easily. I am such a visual person so this works a treat. Keeping shoes inside their boxes protects them from damp, but because it is cardboard there is still some airflow - never keep your shoes in plastic boxes, they will go mouldy. You know those little paper sachets filled with plastic beads that come in your shoe boxes when you buy them? They protect shoes by soaking up moisture, but they are also highly toxic if ingested. If you have little children or pets get rid of them immediately.



Hang your scarves inside the door

My scarves have been driving me balmy. I have loads of them and they are everywhere. They take up loads of space and get tangled in my coat hangers. SO I went to the hardware store and bought a stick on towel rail for the inside of my wardrobe door - voila! Instant organisation! I of course wanted the fancy pants one, so I paid $30, but they had them from $5 upwards. I'm planning to get another one for further down the door to hang other bits and bobs on. 


Use baskets in open shelving

Open shelving is a bit of a nightmare for t-shirts and pants. They only stay nicely folded until you go hunting for something (every day!) and your clothes gather dust. If you have open shelves, invest in storage baskets and fold your clothes into nice neat parcels. You will be surprised how many tops you can fit in one basket! 



Display your jewels

I have just used sticky hooks and dowel from the hardware store to make this simple jewellery display rack on the wall next to my wardrobe. It often inspires my outfits - if they were all shoved in a drawer I would never know what I had! And this way they never get tangled. I got the original idea from this post by Icurvy: Make Your Own Jewellery Storage.



Other tips and tricks

  • Get rid of wire hangers, they pull your clothes out of shape, go for wood if you can, or plastic. Make sure you use hangers with curved shoulders for jackets to help them hold their shape. These ones from The Warehouse are my favourite.
  • Do not store your clothes in drycleaning bags, moisture gets trapped inside and your clothes will go mouldy. Many garment bags are the same - they should be fabric, not plastic coated.
  • Knitwear should always be folded to maintain it's shape, not hung.  

Read 'The Great Closet Cleanout' for more tips and tricks about cleaning out your wardrobe.

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Until next time,

Be you - wear the jewels!