Want to see my new hair? Spoiler alert...it's pink!

I only had my hair done about a month ago, Lisa from Lisa-Marie Hair Boutique did the most amazing job of my red bob, you can stalk her on Facebook here (and I suggest you do!). We had been talking about doing pink for awhile, but I had a video shoot to do for a brand, so we thought we had better be conservative in case I clashed with the clothes!

I woke up this morning terrified, I kept saying 'A change is as good as a holiday!' but as attached as I am to Jem from 'Jem and the Holograms' I wasn't convinced that I could pull off her hair colour. Also I have always thought that hair like that required a bit of 'cool' to pull it off. I have never been cool. Enthusiastic certainly, goofy absolutely, but cool - nope. I guess I have never been interested in being cool either, that must be it...

So I popped back in to see Lisa today and this was the result!

Fresh red bob a month ago:

After being lightened today pre pink:

The finished result: 

All dressed up in my new dress

I am writing a blog about it for you right now - trust me, you want one! 

So what do we think? I love it, I feel fresh and vibrant and a bit like Jigglypuff the Pokemon (gotta keep up with the cool kids!)