The Women Who Inspired My Style

One of the issues I hear a lot from women is they don't know how to 'find their style' I have some exciting plans on how to help you with this coming soon - but in the meantime I wanted to share with you some of the women who have inspired mine. 

This is my nan, Esme. Yes we are wearing pajamas! We had a 'Royal Pajama Tea party' for Kate and William's royal wedding - so much fun. My Nan was about 92 in this photo and she always looked glam. Nan refused to leave the house without her hair set, her makeup on and all of her jewels (so we know where I got the bling addiction from!) She had that 'dress up and show up' attitude because she believed that everyday was important and worth making an effort for. We lost Nan when I was 6 months pregnant with Willow (she was 94), but I can still hear her saying "I'm not going until I have my lipstick on!"

This picture was taken by the lovely Emily from Emily Raftery Photography on Willow's first birthday. That's my Mum on the left (Maureen) and my 'Mummy 2' (Aunty Colleen - Mum's sister) on the right. These two are total glamazons! They have both always loved fashion and look beautiful no matter what they're up to. I love cleaning out Colleen's wardrobe (we do it a lot!) and it was through her that I discovered one of my favourite labels - Trelise Cooper. My Mum has always been an amazing shopper. She has never let finding clothes that fit interfere with her glamour and she and I have been known to shop 12 hours straight when we're away together. She is pretty much just a cooler version of me - I have 30 years of catching up to do!


I took this picture of Mum last week just before she went to work. I saw this outfit and said "Stop right there! You look amazing!" I love how the paisley in her shirt dress matches both her boots and her bag but not too obviously. Gorgeous! Of course she is rocking a statement necklace that she borrowed (cough, stole) from me. I once heard someone saying you can't wear ankle boots if you are plus size, can I please just debunk that right now?! Rubbish! See how great they look on Mum!?

Developing personal style comes easily to some, but I have found it to be a real journey. I have tried every look there is, but seeing Mindy Kaling playing Mindy Lahiri on 'The Mindy Project' was a game changer for me. Salvador Perez, her costume designer, uses ladylike silhouettes, bright colours and mixed prints to create the fun and feminine looks that make me fizz. When shopping I often say "What would Mindy wear?!" The last photo above is of Iris Apfel. Iris is an incredible style maven who lives in new York and wears what ever she wants. She has worked in fashion and been an interior decorator and now she is a style icon. She is a 'more is more' kinda gal and I just love her attitude!

There is NOTHING you can't wear, it is your confidence that will help you pull it off and inspire others. Who are the women that have inspired your style?




Mindy Kaling/Lahiri photos from the Instagram account of Salvador Perez Costumes

Iris Apfel picture from: