The 5 Shopping Habits Holding You Back - As Published in The Huffington Post

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I was so excited that The Huffington Post published this article - do let me know what you think!

Do you shop a lot but never have anything to wear? Most of us have a huge amount of clothing, but not many that we love. Some of this is down to our shopping habits. Which one of these best describes you? 

The Bargain Hunter

This was me in my early 20's. "Woohoo I have $40, I am off to buy 4 new tops!" No, just no. Just because it's cheap, doesn't mean it's a bargain. Add up all those sets of $10 and $20 and you could have gone out and bought one or two stunning pieces that fit you like a glove. Those are the pieces that make it fun to get dressed in the morning, not the piles and piles of cotton singlets that were so cheap you couldn't say no - and that still have the tags on...

The Defeatest

The defeatest suffers from negative self-talk and starts to believe it. "I can't wear styles like that because my bum is too big. I'm too old. If only my legs were longer. What will people say?!" Or the absolute worst "I'll buy it when I've lost 5kgs". if you are going shopping you owe it to yourself to get dressed up, commit to having a great time and speak positively about your body. You will never find anything you love if you are in a negative space. You wouldn't talk to your friends like that, so why unleash it on yourself? Also, your shopping buddies don't want to constantly hear about how much you wish you were skinnier and neither do the shop assistants. They want to see you happy and excited to be there. Perhaps the only person with an issue with your body is you...just a thought ;)  

The Sizeist

My wardrobe contains sizes 12 to 20, hand on heart. I don't know anyone who is consistently one size in every store. The sizeist won't try something on unless it is within the size range they deem acceptable. "I'm a size 16, this is so small fitting, nope I'm not going up a size!" As an inbetweenie I have been guilty of this in the past, clinging to being a 16 in 'straight sizes' because I never wanted to try a plus size range. Now I have let that go I realise I can have the best of both worlds - lucky me! If you find a top you love and it is three sizes bigger than you normally wear but the fit is great, buy it! No one cares (or even knows!) what it says on the label.

The Comfort Shopper

The comfort shopper frequents the same few stores whenever they HAVE to go shopping and ends up buying the same items over and over again. They are often scared to shop online and it's too hard to trawl different shops to try and find something they like. I can totally understand this one, when fit is your primary concern, taking a risk by shopping somewhere new can be a bit daunting - as can shopping online. But there are SO many options and amazing labels available to us at the click of a button - take a risk, order a few things and try them out in the comfort of your own home and watch those shopping horizons broaden! Try somewhere no fuss like The Iconic where you can return your items for free if they aren't what you fancy. 

The Commitment-phobe

The commitment-phobe tries on everything and buys nothing. They are not really sure what looks good on them and what they actually like. Like the comfort shopper they keep to their 'uniform' of the same types of clothes because they are not sure what else to buy. If you're a commitment-phobe when it comes to clothes you firstly need to make a list of what you need. What are you always missing when you reach in to your wardrobe? You also need a trusted friend to tell you when something looks great on you in the changing room so you can wear more of that! Maybe colour lights you up and makes you feel great! You'll never know until you try!

What bad shopping habits do you and your friends have? Tell me all about it! 

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