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The last couple of years have flown by so quickly! So much has happened. Willow has grown from a baby to an independent little girl, baby Florence came into our lives, and 10 months ago, I began Dressing Up. Dressing Up can be an equal source of joy and worry for me. I see how well it is going and I know it is a direct result of my hard work. But instead of focusing on this I am always thinking about ‘what’s next’. I hear myself saying to my husband, “Guess what James, I hit a huge target today, great right? Now I need to do this…” The busyness of our lives means I don't actually take time to celebrate my achievements and sometimes I forget how far I’ve come.

Like a lot of you, I am great at celebrating for other people, but not so great at celebrating for myself. I need a way to recognise those successes and acknowledge I am doing a good job.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to do that. As soon as I discovered AwesoME Inc I was drawn to their philosophy.  AwesoME Inc create beautiful gratitude journals for adults and children, and they believe that being grateful and giving voice to the positive things in your life can truly make you happier. I am using my gratitude journal to note down all the fabulous things that happen in the development of Dressing Up so I can see how far I have come, and so I can acknowledge my achievements and dreams. My journal is so cute, it’s a mini size so I can carry it around with me, and the cover says ‘You got this!’ Every time I see it I think, “Yeah I do!”

Thinking back on my teaching days, the most fun I ever had was teaching the kids life skills. I wanted every child in my class to learn to say “Wow!” when they came across something they loved. It could be a piece of artwork by another child, a statue at the museum or a song they really responded to. Being excited about life and voicing that can be really impactful on your outlook - and that excitement is infectious! So I am using AwesoME Inc’s Kids gratitude journal with Willow each day so she can tell me what happened at care or at home that really made her happy. Then she can colour in one of the colouring pages to have a bit of down time before bed. She is probably a little young to understand why we are doing it yet, but I want her to have that feeling of wonderment in her life and be able to express why her day was “Wow”.

gratitude journal
Childs hand with journal

AwesoME Inc donates $5 from every child’s gratitude journal to the Starship Foundation, so buying a child's journal not only benefits your child, but also helps Starship to do vital research and care for sick children in need. 

I would love to hear how you practise gratitude in your life, do you use a journal or do you have other ways of celebrating the good things?

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This post was sponsored by AwesoME Inc.