The Letter from a Reader that Brought me to Tears

So here's the thing. My blog is really important to me. Writing this blog and chatting to all of you beautiful women has made me the happiest I have ever been (seriously, I am in such a good space!) But every now and again the little voice of doubt creeps in. Writing a fashion blog isn't exactly addressing world hunger or curing cancer. I worry about whether my readers are connecting with the material, I constantly ask "How am I adding value to their lives?" 

And then I get a message like this one...

"Hi Monique! 
Just wanted to drop a message and say thank you so much for inspiring me. 

I've been a serial dieter FOREVER, one who would buy clothes because they would fit, not because I loved them.  I hated going out because I was never comfortable in my body or my clothes.  I didn't have a 'style', so I took on the 'mum who threw on whatever fit' persona.  I didn't want people to walk past me thinking 'what is she WEARING?!'. 

I stumbled across your page a while back and after following you and envying the clothes and confidence you had, I suddenly realised that I was actually quite comfortable with who I am (mum of two pre-schoolers whose fabulously squishy, rolley body grew them!), I didn't need to get all angsty about dieting, and have for the first time embraced who I am, size and all.  

You've inspired me to have the confidence to wear clothes that I WANT to wear, not just the ones that fit.  The ones that I would be worried about what people thought if I actually wore them... I'm wearing leather jackets.  In fact, I've bought two of them in the last two months).  I'm wearing skinny jeans.  I'm wearing over the knee high boots (on your advice!).  I'm wearing high/low tunic dresses.  And I don't care what anyone thinks.  Because I think I look pretty hot! Curvey, squishy, rolley, and rocking it! I feel like I'm reclaiming me for the first time since I felt gorgeous as a teen.  My confidence is coming back, I feel sexy wearing my leather jackets.  I'm trying new make-up! I'm taking care of myself.  I've lost the diet-angst."

After a bit of a chat this lovely woman then went on to say -

"Not gonna lie - the revelation totally took me by surprise! It just happened one day when I was getting dressed into 'The Frumps'... I took them off, put on my jeans and a knit jumper I was usually self-conscious about, put on lipstick (which I NEVER wear!), and decided that I was going to go shopping! 

I bought a hot pink lipstick that day and started wearing it around the house to get used to it, then thought if the fridge, toys and couches didn't mind, Society shouldn't either! Next was my black leather jacket (Ezibuy - again, I saw your rose pink one and went in search of it, and came across this one which I fell in love with), and then there was no looking back! Game on!

I heard my husband say the other night to our friends while I was gushing over my second new leather jacket "She's been following this woman on Facebook....", but he said it with pride.

I'm not sure you realise how many people your blog actually does impact, but it's probably quite a lot more than you think. So thank you. So very, very, very much xxxxx K." 

It makes me unbelievably happy to know that I have helped even one woman regain her confidence and reminded her that she is worth making a bit of a fuss over! I have had so many lovely messages from women over the last 9 months (how has it only been 9 months!) and I treasure every single one. I would love to hear where you are up to with your body confidence journey. Whether you adore what you see in the mirror or are feeling a bit at war with your body, there are women out there that understand and are experiencing the same feelings. One of them is me! 

The message that 'K' sent me has helped me come up with a new motto-

Dressing Up - Because YOU are the special occasion. 

Don't wait for an excuse to get dressed up, dress like something extraordinary is coming, then get out and make it happen!



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