How to be in my Shopping Squad - And how to Build Your Own!

how to be in my shopping squad

A few months ago I was in Trelise Cooper with my friend Ali, and two women were trying things on the changing rooms. One came out looking like a fox in this amazing printed dress, and her friend said "Ooh no that won't work with YOUR knees". Hardly believing my ears I said to her "Gasp! You don't have knees do you?!" I just couldn't help it. Apart from the fact that the woman in question had perfectly lovely knees (aren't knees great?!), her friend clearly had zero idea how to be part of a shopping squad. I would have fired her immediately. Finding the perfect shopping partner can be a hard road, and as I am getting older I have realised that I have different shopping support people for different occasions. But there a 5 rules to being part of my shopping squad and they must be adhered to! 

How to be in my Shopping Squad - The Rules! 

1. Be Positive. You are not allowed to complain about your body (including wrinkles, saggy bits or anything else!), or point out the 'flaws' in mine! You can read more about this in my article 'The 5 Shopping Habits Holding You Back' which was recently published in The Huffington Post. 

2. Leave the rules at home. "But you can't wear navy and black!" Well...I just did. "Stripes and florals don't mix!" Yes....yes, they do. "You're plus sized, you can't wear body con!" (Insert picture of me here shaking my butt). 

3. Don't be a brand snob. I can find gorgeous clothes from K-Mart to Trelise Cooper. Don't limit yourself to designer only, or budget only either! I see you with your twenty $5 tops you have never worn...Try different places and shops that don't ordinarily stock clothes that are 'your style'.

4. Try on what I tell you and push me to do the same. This is a BIGGY for me. I want to challenge my style - often when a friend picks something out for me it ends up looking great. Play dress ups just for the fun of fashion. I tried on yellow the other day (yuck!) so I AM pushing my boundaries! 

5. Feed me. I need to stop for a lunch break and a coffee or I get hangry. But can we make it quick? I have shopping to do.

How many of these rules apply to your shopping squad? 

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