5 Ways to get Ready Faster!

5 ways to get ready faster

Mornings are crazy for pretty much everyone. Regardless of whether you are getting ready for work or getting ready for a day with the family, time is of the essence. Use some of these time saving tips to get glam in a flash! 

1. Photograph your favourite outfits

It takes two seconds and will save you hours of staring numbly into your wardrobe. Every time you put together an outfit you like, take a quick snap on your phone (in the mirror) so you can pull that outfit out again in a hurry when you are short on styling time. 

2. Lock in a quick makeup routine

I have a super quick makeup routine I use most days when I want to look fresh and put together in a hurry. Check it out below. 

3. Lay out your clothes the night before

Sounds like your school days right? But it works! Check the weather forecast and choose every aspect of your outfit including your accessories and your underwear. Empty and re pack your handbag (just keep a few of the 20 lipsticks!) and you'll go to sleep feeling organised for the day ahead. 

4. Try those beauty hacks

Use dry shampoo the night before for tousled/clean looking hair the next day. Use a microfibre towel wrapped around your hair to dry it faster while you put on your makeup. Get your lashes tinted if you can't be bothered with mascara. Use a BB cream instead of moisturiser and foundation. 

5. Organise your closet

I know this sounds like a huge job, but once you have it handled, it's actually quite easy to keep it that way. When you can see what you have, getting ready is so much easier, and picking outfits is fun! Read all my tips and tricks here. 

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