5 Makeup Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Do any of these sound like you? 

1. Shading your brows too dark

Big brows are 'in' right now but be careful not to go over the top! Use an eyebrow pencil or gel that is two shades lighter than your natural eyebrow colour to accentuate your brows. Making your eyebrows too dark or too dense can make you look grumpy instead of gorgeous! 

2. Testing makeup on your hands

The skin on your hands is a pinker tone than that on your face, and the texture is different. Test foundation on your jawline to make sure the blend between your face and neck will be flawless. When testing lipstick, ask the shop assistant at the makeup counter to give you a clean lip brush so you can test lipsticks on your lips - not your hand! 

3. Storing your makeup in the bathroom

Storing your makeup in a humid environment can dry out your products and cause powders to crack. Humidity is bacterias best friend - keeping your makeup and brushes in a cool dry place keeps them cleaner for longer, which reminds me...

4. Not cleaning your brushes

Clean your brushes periodically with a gentle conditioner or brush cleaner to prevent putting bacteria on your face with your makeup! This is especially important for brushes that go anywhere near your eyes. Eyeshadow sponges are the worst for this, clean them as often as you can or replace them with an eyeshadow brush. 

5. Curling your lashes last

Curl your lashes before applying mascara to avoid pulling any out. Using your curler on wet tacky lashes will just make them clump together an remove some of your mascara. 

Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? I've done them all!

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xxx Monique 


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