5 Things You Should Never Feel Guilty About

5 Things You Should Never Feel Guilty About

Guilt is SUCH a wasted emotion, and yet for some reason most of us feel pangs of guilt each and every day. It's time to let some of that guilt and worry go! Here are 5 things never to feel guilty about again.  

Taking Time for Yourself

Whenever I need to blow dry my hair I get the guilts - it's so silly, but I know everyone is waiting for me so we can go out. But it makes me feel happy and put together so I do it anyway. The children aren't traumatised because I left them for a second - so why do I still get the guilts?

Taking time for yourself should feel great and is NECESSARY. It is not 'selfish' to want to have time to put on some makeup in the morning, or to exercise, or blob with a book or in front of Netflix. When your cup is half empty you are no good to anyone else. You need to take time to fill your own cup first. When you are feeling nurtured and happy, then everyone that depends on you can get what they need too. 

What You Eat

Food is just energy. There is no 'good' food or 'bad food there is just amounts of energy. To keep your body healthy you need to have energy in and energy out. If you are going to eat cake, just eat cake! There is no point worrying about it for the next two days because you feel like you should have eaten salad. There are 6 other days that week to eat salad (cough, or cake!) if it makes you feel better! Eat it and enjoy it - or don't eat it, but don't obsess about it. 

Saying No

No is a complete sentence. If you don't want to do something you don't have to. Well, you have to pay your credit card bill (sorry about that...) but you don't have to go to your friends cousins fundraiser just to be nice. You have 'you time' to consider after all.

Standing Up for Yourself

When someone talks to you in a way that is inappropriate, or criticises you or is nasty behind your back you have every right to call them on it. And I mean take a big breath and politely let them know how they're making you feel and that it's not okay. So often I have thought back to what I should have said and wished I could go back in time to say it. You have to pick your battles, but chances are if you are talking to a true friend they will apologise shame faced and all will be well. If they're a jerk anyway and confronting them will make them bolt, then you are likely better off (so harsh, so true!)

Doing Well and Achieving Your Goals

Enter the cheer squad! I have a huge group of women in my life that are excited when I achieve something and this pushes me to do even better. But not everyone feels this way, sometimes being successful (or being confident) brings out the worst in those who feel like they are neither. This is not your problem. They are not your people. You get to be every inch of the fabulous person you are, and they can climb aboard the success train, or not. Everyone is responsible for their own lives and you don't have to dull your sparkle to let them shine (not to be confused with being a total show off of course!) Being motivated and ambitious is a trait to be encouraged an applauded. Her success is not your failure. That's the thing about success, there is always enough to go around.

Do any of these resonate with you?




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