Shopping Online at Eloquii

Shopping Online at Eloquii


Eloquii is based in the states and makes clothes from Size 14 to Size 28 (US). I have ALWAYS wanted to buy from Eloquii because their clothes are so on trend and feminine. But a couple of things have held me back. They don't ship to NZ so you have to use YouShop to have your parcel redirected here and I was always unsure about their sizing. However, in December Eloquii had a super sale (as they often do) and I could resist no longer! Here's what I bought and what I loved.


Tie Waist Blouse - On Sale for $16.99 USD ($23.45 NZD) Size 14 - fits like a 16.

Why I bought it: I have been looking for a crop top to wear with some of my higher wasted skirts and pants for ages. I loved the sleeves on this one and that it looked tailored to the body. '1 item 3 ways' post coming soon! 

When it arrived: I was pleasantly surprised. The size 14 fits perfectly (I am an NZ 16 so size down) and the length hugs my waist at just the right point. It's stretchy and comfortable and I like that you can undo the buttons at the neck. It's a keeper. 


Quinn Blazer - On sale for $32.97 USD ($45.51 NZD) and now sold out. Size 14 - fits like an 18.

Why I bought it: It's green and it's a blazer! I'm not a fan of boxy jackets on me (like a denim jacket or a bomber) so I love the way blazers draw attention to the waist. I often having trouble getting the right fit through the shoulder so I was taking a risk here, but the green persuaded me!

When it arrived: I immediately loved the stripy lining and the stretch fabric, but was a little disappointed the green was darker than I thought. Unfortunately it is a size too big. You can't see in the photo but there is a lot of room in the arm and around the tummy - it's more of a size 18. So it will be on sale on the Dressing Up Buy and Sell page soon! 


Printed Sarong Romper - $19.97 USD ($27.56 NZD) Size 14 - Fits like a 16.

Why I bought it: I was REALLY unsure about this one, but I love an outfit that is just one piece - pull it on and go! And Since I was paying shipping from the States I thought I better get my moneys worth. And it was cheap. I'm only human!

When it arrived: It's SO stretchy! I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fabric, and how cute the print is. The bottom half is shorts and then it has a wrap section over the front to make it look like a dress. Kind of great when you are on the floor with toddlers all the time, but I think I would have preferred it without the wrap. Those of you who like extra length would appreciate the wrap section when you sit down through, the shorts ride up but the wrap does not. 

So as far as sizing goes, the rule would be size down. I am more a less a 14 Eloquii and am a NZ 16, so if you are A NZ 14 you're out of luck! 

Now postage was interesting. I already had a YouShop account through NZ post. Because I spent over $100, Eloquii shipped it to my American address for free (which was allocated to me by YouShop, it's an NZ Post sorting centre). That was all good and well, but once it arrived there and was processed by YouShop I still had to get it to NZ, which cost $30 for 5-9 days. Did I mention that it was 21 days from the time I ordered to the time it got to the sorting centre!!! I am going to put this down to the holiday period, but by the time it arrived on my doorstep we are talking 25 days total. I had actually forgotten what I ordered! 

How adorable is the metallic circle bag I am carrying right now? When I first showed it on the blog you all loved it so much that I am now stocking it in the Dressing Up Shop! The perfect bag for everyday and at $59 it's such a bargain. Only 4 it here! 

Adorne Silver Metallic Round Bag

Have you shopped at Eloquii? What did you think?



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