How to Use Your Accessories to Transform Your look!

It is the season of the statement earring! Never has it been easier to embellish, jazz up or pull together your look just by adding a few statement accessories. Using a plain coloured base (I chose this adorable 'Mineral' Jumpsuit from Farmers) you can use your accessories to transform your look for night or day.

The Brights


Choose a colour palette and use it to link your outfit together. I have used various shades of pink and red in both my accessories and my jacket. You don't have to use the SAME shade of your feature colour, using light pink with dark pink makes it feel like they just happen to go together - without feeling too matchy. 

- Etta Dress Sandal from Merchant 1948, 209.90*
- Lovisa earrings, $23.95
- 'Be a Flamingo' Jacket from my own label Dressing Room, $169 (we only have a few left in sizes 12-24). 


Keeping it Casual


Change your heels out for sneakers and pair with earrings that say 'FUN!' to make your look feel more casual. Again here I have used the blue tones in the earrings to link to the blue tone in the jumpsuit - not the SAME blue, but linking the tones makes it feel like an ensemble. 

- Earring from Lovisa, $29.95
- Sneakers from Gorman (past season) check out Deuce for some cute sneaker options.*


She's a Pearl


There is a reason pearls just keep appearing - they're a classic! This season pearls are reimagined set into dramatic collars and as embellishments on shoes and bags. Wear them to elevate your look without detracting from the main event (your clothes!) 

- Pearl Collar necklace and ballet flats both from Zara (in store now).


Play with new and bold accessories and mix them up any way you want to, you'll know when it feels right! I generally stick to either big earrings or a big necklace, but remember there are no rules, stack those jewels high if that's what helps you wear your personality! 

Fancy more help pulling your wardrobe together? You can book a free style consult by phone so we can get you owning your style! My lovely client Emma did just that, here's what she had to say about her experience:

"Monique is just delightful. I had been following her online and loved her style and down to earth approach to things, so decided to book her for a Wardrobe Edit and Shopping Trip. I felt quite nervous about it beforehand, after all your closet is usually where you hide things from people who visit your home! That feeling didn't last long at all once I met Monique though - she's just like a friend that you haven't met yet. 

She's got an amazing way of encouraging you to love who you are, to reflect your personality in your outfits and to work your best features (and helps you to know what those are too!). All done through the lens of what works for you and what makes you come alive, not just her own opinion or style - although let's be honest, who wouldn't want to look like Monique?! She just shines.

Both sessions were heaps of fun and not at all painful like they would've been on my own. Within the space of two weeks I have sold things I wasn't wearing, matched items I already had with other pieces that I would never have thought of, adjusted a couple of things to fit me better, smashed a few fashion myths (who says you can't wear stripes?!), started wearing statement earrings (a new development for me and a whole new world!), made a list of things I needed to buy and then bought them, discovering two new shops in the process! 

The world is a brighter place when we feel confident and let the gold on the inside shine on the outside, and I'm thankful for the way Monique is walking with me on that journey. Arohanui x"

I'm looking forward to chatting with you! 

xxx Monique


Photos by Anna from Rushmare 

Each item featured in this post was bought by me for my own wardrobe and recommended because I love them. Please note this post may contain affiliate links (marked by a *) which means if you purchase something you see here I may be given a small percentage of the sale. There is no extra cost to you and I only recommend things that you will LOVE, of course!