When Rach Met Mo - What Happened Next...

Hello, I’m Rach.  You might recognise me as one of the girls that Monique had beside her for that swimsuit shoot back at the beginning of summer. If you haven’t met Monique in person yet, you need to know that she is just as bright and beautiful as she seems on this blog of hers. She’s also a compelling force of nature!  When she suggested that swimsuit shoot, my mind said “hell, no!” but my head was already nodding. She kind of draws you into this vortex of possibility and then, boom, it’s all happening! 

So I was not surprised when I recently asked her what she had been up to and she casually said, “oh, I wrote a book” (as you do)!  It’s just been released, but I was lucky enough to get my mitts on an advance copy.  And oh my word!  I love it. 

Quick fashion history of me: 

  • Awkwardly tall teen seeks invisibility… think jeans and baggy tees. 
  • Become a pear shaped adult with serious jobs. Think shapeless black things and the occasional scarf for a bit of ‘personality’. 
  • Become a mum. Turn into a pear with big boobs. Nothing fits properly.
  • Get sick with weird neurological disorder, wear mostly pyjamas, bigger jeans and sloppier tees.
  • [Six years of sickness, then Remission]
  • Become a plus size model at 40, feel like a total imposter in fashion land. Tell a Designer my favourite Australian fashion house is Target (um…. yes, this happened). Model beautiful clothes.  Begin to see possibilities and learn the shapes that might work for my body type.
  • Fall in love with fashion, and shopping for fashion… buy colour… seek to wear the things that bring me joy. 
  • Fill wardrobe with loveliness.  Literally, FILL.
  • Wake up every morning and wonder why I can’t throw together something fab. What was all that shopping for? Where are the things I love?  Why does my wardrobe suck when I am constantly feeding it new and gorgeous things?
  • Meet Mo. Join the whirling wonder of style that spins around her fabulous pink haired self.
  • Mo writes THE book. 
  • Rach reads book late one night, engrossed and fascinated by all the things she didn’t know she didn’t know. It’s a bit revelatory, it’s exciting, it’s an approach to the wardrobe situation that she has never tried before.  Rach stays up late, emptying her wardrobe and following the instructions.  Hubby sleeps in another room, because time waits for no Dressing Up Wardrobe Edit. It’s time. It’s the beginning of something beautiful.
  • Wakes up three days in a row, completely unstressed about what to wear. 

Don’t you wish you could wake up like that?
Better nab your copy!



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