Are You Just Waiting for Permission?

Are you just waiting for permission?

Are you waiting for permission to live the life you've always wanted? What is it that you really want to do, but are too nervous to try?

I have realised in the last few months that this blog hasn't just 'happened', in one way or another I have always wanted to work in the fashion industry. But I decided from quite early on that that was only for 'cool' people who were different and quirky (translation: broody and complicated - not my type!) Add to the fact that I was never thin, (fashionistas have to be thin right? Wrong...) or very confident that I was creative, and that pretty much ruled me out - or so I thought. 

Fast forward 15 years, living overseas, coming home, getting married and having a baby - to our friend Katie's wedding. Katie was a Pinterest bride. By which I mean everything at her wedding was so stunning - like you'd climbed inside the most gorgeous wedding magazine with no desire to ever leave. And part of the finishing touches was a personal letter to each and every wedding guest. And my letter meant a lot to me, it said "We love your beautiful personality, your fashion sense and your ability to make people feel absolutely comfortable in your presence. From the minute you said 'Alannah Hill' I new that we'd become wonderful friends." Katie is one of those people I loved on sight. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but the second I saw her I just knew we'd be tight. I recognised her dress, she recognised mine (don't pretend this hasn't happened to you in the ladies bathroom!) and a bond was formed. 

I think back on this letter often, because that one little reference to my fashion sense made me glow. "Someone as rad as Katie, thinks I'm fashionable. Maybe I am....I know I am...actually I love fashion - note to self must do something in fashion!" Now I am not saying those few words changed my direction completely, but they were the affirmation I needed at just the right time. 

I was chatting with another friend, Natalie,  last night who has amazing style - and she credits me with helping her to develop it (she had it in her all along!) I asked her what it was that made the difference, and she replied I gave her PERMISSION to be stylish. I told her it was okay to want that for herself and to take the time to develop a look that made her happy, to express who she was. 

Permission? Interesting...

Since I started the blog I have had affirmation from all of you. Every time you like something you let me know, and I really appreciate that. So who is doing that for you in your life? Who can you tell your hopes and dreams to and expect encouragement? Who will give you permission when you don't feel able to give to to yourself? 

If there is something you really want to do, but you are making excuses or are scared - or you just need permission, I am giving it to you now. The only reason anyone can do things that you 'can't' is because they work hard and persist. Decide what that thing is that you really want, say it out loud (that's the scariest part) and then hop to it friend! Give yourself permission to live the life you really want.

Like I gave Natalie permission to love her body, to find her style and to feel great about it - I am giving it to you. It is okay to want to focus energy on yourself and feel great about it.

If it is your confidence and style you want to work on, but you don't know where to start, the Dressing Up Workbook is just $20 for the next 3 days ONLY. It will help you find a style direction and whip your wardrobe into shape in no time!

Dressing Up - Because YOU are the special occasion. 



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