How to Choose and Care for Your Sunglasses

How to Choose and Care for Sunglasses

I LOVE glasses. Changing your glasses can completely change your look, just like shoes! At any one time I usually have 3 or 4 pairs of sunglasses on the go (as well as my reading glasses). I like to invest in an expensive pair every few years ($300-$400) and interchange them with a couple of mid priced pairs ($80ish) and a cheap but fun pair ($10-$20, this is the pair the kids are allowed to play with!)

Regardless of what you spend on your sunnies, there are a few things to take into consideration before purchasing.

Eye Health

Good sunglasses should block at least 99% of UVB rays and 95% of UVA rays. If you are using them for sport such as fishing, Polarization is a must as it offers higher protection for your eyes.


When you try your glasses on they shouldn’t leave marks on your nose or ears, the weight should be evenly distributed across both. They shouldn’t pinch or squeeze your head and the lenses should be big enough that sun cannot flood in the side.

Caring for Your Glasses

Breathing on your glasses and then wiping the lenses with your clothes only smears the dirt around (I know you do it!) To clean your glasses effectively use a clear dish soap - to break down oils and makeup - and warm running water, then dry with a lint free cloth.

There are plenty of articles about what glasses suit your face shape (check this one out if you like), but I don't want to be hampered by what other people say looks good! I’m choosing my glasses for comfort, function and fun.

My Choices

My Prada Glasses

These gorgeous Prada sunglasses are from (kindly gifted). They have thousands of styles available in all of the major brands - check out the Kate Spade frames, amazing! My pair are called 'Cinema Evolution' by Prada and I ADORE them. So classic, so chic! Check them out here

Pink Alexander McQueen Glasses



I bought this adorable pair of Alexander McQueen sunglasses from NZ Sale for $80, I can't wait for them to arrive! They fill the 'fun glasses' space in my glasses wardrobe (that's a thing...right?!)


My current picks for a cheap but cheerful pair are these two lovelies from The Iconic (free shipping and returns).

Left - 'Splice Girl' by Mink Pink, $49.95

Right - 'Paparazzi' by Mink Pink, $39.95

Which sunglasses do you have your eye on this summer? ;) 




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