How to Manage your Wardrobe When your Weight Keeps Changing

As you go through your life your body will go through many different changes. I have come to accept that my body isn’t always going to be one size. I am someone who gains weight really easily, and if I don’t work out every day I expand. My weight is also very dependent on my hormones and how well I am managing my PCOS.

Lots of us have fluctuating weight and that’s just the way it is. In the Dressing Up Style Workbook, I talk a lot about cleaning out your wardrobe and getting the closet of your dreams using what you already have. But some of you might be wondering how to do that when only a third of what is in your wardrobe actually fits...

I am a size 16 right now, I have been an 18 and I have been a 14. So when I clean out my wardrobe, the things I get rid of in the sizes that don’t fit, are actually items I don’t like anymore anyway, or I have worn them so much I never want to see them again. Currently I would keep the 16’s and store anything from the 14’s and 18’s I really love - just in case. I know that often women that have lost a lot of weight want those clothes out of their lives so they have no excuses to go back. I totally get that, but from experience, I know my weight is likely to fluctuate up or down depending on what is happening in my life - so I am future proofing!

If it's too big or small and I love it - storage. If I wouldn’t wear it even if it did fit, or am sick of the sight of it - I throw it out/sell it. Thinking of your body as something that changes throughout your life takes a lot of pressure off. You are not going to look 17 again, stop punishing yourself for that. No I am not going to try on my wedding dress every year to check if it still fits. Firstly it doesn’t - in fact I don’t think I fit it the next day…but mostly because I am not the person I was 5 years ago, I have new scars, new bulges, new talents and a new perspective. Change is good and it’s okay to embrace it. It may come with a bit of sagging, a few wrinkles or an extra wobble. But it comes with memories of the happy times and love that caused them too.

When you look into your wardrobe you should see pieces that fit you that you can throw on and look fab at a moments notice. If it doesn't fit, out it goes!

I would love to hear if any of you have this problem, feel free to leave a comment! 

xxx Monique