5 Things to Throw Out of your Wardrobe TODAY!

5 things to throw out of your wardrobe today

1. Clothing you've never worn

See that price tag hanging from your clothes? It's telling you something! Either spend some time  finding something to style it with, or get rid of it.

2. 'Other you' clothing

"If I only I were taller, shorter, skinnier, had a longer torso, this would fit!" Really. Really?! These clothes will not help you show off how amazing you are, they are judgement on a hanger! Buh-bye. 

3. I would die if someone saw me in this!

Someone IS seeing you in that! YOU are seeing you in that and you deserve better. Bin it.

4. It's damaged

And you're going to get it fixed right - after you've driven around with it in the boot of your car for 8 months...if you've forgotten you even had it, you can safely let it go.

5. You don't like it

"But what if I find something to wear it with? Then it might be more attractive!" Fashion should bring you joy - if it doesn't, you don't need it. 



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